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Hero, Loser, or victim?

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Hero , Loser , Victim

December , 2006

Hero , Loser , or Victim ? Le Ly is a Vietnamese girl experiencing life in Vietnam through many wars . Although everyone in war is a victim of war by occurrences that cause horrible situations and experiences for those involved , deciding to be a loser or a hero as a result is a self-made decision . It is this writer ‘s opinion that Le Ly decided she would not be defeated by the terrible things that happened to her because of the wars raging around her . Instead , Le Ly decided to [banner_entry_middle]

be a hero

The general understanding of a hero is a person who overcomes odds to make things come out right . A hero is someone who pushes past pain fear , and other obstacles to do what is right in their own eyes , to set things straight in the world , to undo wrongs that they observe However , a true hero realizes her own limitations , too

Many times throughout her childhood , Le Ly endured physical torture Yet , at that time she believed in the Viet Cong and went through the torture without revealing any secrets of the Cong or admitting she “worked ” for them . When she was being interrogated at a Republican interrogation camp , she made up innocent stories to protect not only herself , but also her family and the other children enlisted by the Viet Cong army to play watchman for them and bring them supplies underground “The soldier ‘s blow stopped my story and almost knocked me out . The interrogator asked again , in a rougher voice , what I had been doing away from my village . Sobbing , I answered again that I had heard a parade and had followed it to see a play . I didn ‘t mean any harm to anyone (Hayslip , 50 . No matter how hard she was beaten , Le Ly was worried that her family would be harmed if she revealed that they assisted the Viet Cong , and insisted on ignoring the pain in to stick to her stories of innocence

At this time in her life she believed it was her duty to help the Viet Cong , since they were trying to fight for her people and her country This was evident to Le Ly and the village children because although the Republicans took their food and demanded shelter and rations .the Viet Cong never asked for anything special and refused to take food if it meant we would have nothing ourselves (Hayslip ,47 . Le Ly was a hero to the village and to the Cong at the time because she endured pain in to protect her loyalties

Later , as a teenager , she would be taken advantage of many times , and her sense of duty would change after she saw the Viet Cong grow violent toward her people . After witnessing mock trials of believed traitors to the Cong , Le Ly actually was brought to a mock trial herself Condemned to death for a crime of treason she did not commit and then raped… [banner_entry_footer]


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