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Helmet useage and Motorcycle riding, freedom or reponsibility?

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Motorcycle Helmet Usage The use of helmets in the United States is a highly controversial . The government has enacted and then repealed laws intended to uphold state helmet laws twice . Currently , regulation laws vary state to state . Twenty states have comprehensive helmet laws . Seven states require riders under the age of twenty to wear a helmet , while 19 states require riders under the age of eighteen to wear one . Only three states Colorado , Illinois , and Iowa , have no helmet regulation whatsoever Motorcyclists protest their personal freedom , while others complain about the [banner_entry_middle]

tax burden and higher insurance rates

Motorcycles account for less than 2 of all registered vehicles in the United States and 0 .4 of all vehicle miles traveled . Unfortunately riders account for more than 9 of all traffic deaths . Over the past ten years motorcycle related deaths have increased by about 89

The motorcycle is both the most fuel efficient and the most hazardous highway vehicle there is . More than 2 ,500 motorcycle riders die in the United States each year , and over 60 ,000 are injured as a result of an accident . In general , riders and non riders seem to agree that it is obvious that a helmet can reduce the chance of brain injury and death

However , some believe helmets are more likely to cause an accident in the first place . Helmets limit hearing and peripheral vision capabilities which make it difficult for riders to be fully aware of what ‘s going on around them . The weight of the helmet , combined with hot weather can cause a sense of claustrophobia resulting in anxiety and dizziness . It is likely in these types of situations there is an increase in the chance of an accident . It is also possible to become paralyzed because of a helmet during a crash , under the right circumstances . This leaves some riders to believe there are similar risks whether they wear a helmet or not and they should be able to choose between to two

Some riders simply feel that helmets are uncomfortable and bulky , and it should be their own decision whether or not they want to wear one And to others , they perceive the use of a helmet as uncool , which is enough justification for them

Contrary to some beliefs , a study by the National Public Services Research Institute concluded that the use of a motorcycle helmet does not interfere with the driver ‘s capability to hear or see what is going on around them

Data collected by the National Highway Traffic Administration regarding motorcycle accidents in states where there is only a helmet law for minors indicates this type of helmet law is more difficult to enforce The data showed that less that 40 of minors killed in crashes were wearing helmets , even though it was required by law

When a catastrophic accident has occurred , the financial burden is usually placed upon private insurers or the state . So in a state where there are multiple head injuries due to motorcycle… [banner_entry_footer]


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