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Role of Nutrition in Healthy Human Longevity


According to the briefing `Nutrition in Older People (1996 Ageing is defined as a regression of physiological function accompanied by advancement of age (qtd . by Imahori ,1992 ‘ Besides these certain other factors such as genetics , life style and diet also play an important role in ageing process

Mc Bean et al (2001 ) stated that successful ageing is avoidance of disease and disability , maintenance of high cognitive and physical functioning and being engaged with life (qtd . in `Successful Aging ‘ by Dr . Rowe and [banner_entry_middle]

Dr . Kahn ‘ The needs of the present age demand the health educators , nutritionists and dietitians to provide and advise the dietary needs suitable to the lifestyle requirements of a person (customized ) to aid them age successfully and lead a quality life

Statistics and Projections

McBean et al (2001 ) stated that about 13 of the population in US is above 65 years of age and is projected to rise to 20 in 2030 Population aged 85 years and more is rapidly growing and is expected to double by 2025 and increase five fold by 2050 . This group called older adults comprises only of 13 of US population but account for 30 of all healthcare expenditure . Older adults suffer from chronic ailments such as hypertension , heart disease and arthritis . About 38 have limited activity , 4 live in nursing homes and 12 experience some kind of mobility problems

According to the briefing `Nutrition in Older People (1996 , 11 of the population of England and Wales in early 1950s were aged above 65 years , which rose to 16 in 1991 and is expected to reach 25 by the year 2030 of which more than 50 are expected to be aged above 75 years

Consequences of Aging

Nicholas et al (2001 ) stated that about 10 to 25 aged above 65 years are frail and subjects 85 years and older appear frail due to some deficit and /or stress . Pathologies such as Heart disease , cancer and cerebrovascular disease account for about 75 of deaths in men and women aged 65 years and above . It is suspected that cases of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer ‘s disease would be on rise and become a significant factor of mortality

According to the briefing `Nutrition in Older People (1996 ) the physiological changes associated with aging include reduction of lean body mass due to reduced skeletal muscle activity and destruction of cells from organs accompanied by an increase in body fat (As shown in the table below : source from Young 1992

Age (years ) Muscle (kg ) Body Fat (kg

20-29 24 15

40-49 20 19

60-69 17 23

70-79 13 25 The Physical activity tends to decline with age leading to a decline in energy intake . The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR ) also reduces , which is due to a reduction in lean body mass . The changes in basal metabolic rate are shown in the table below

Age (years ) 25 40 59 70 75

Male Median Weight (kg ) 73 75… [banner_entry_footer]


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