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Hawaii Climate vs Mexico Climate

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Hawaii Climate vs . Mexico Climate

Hawaii climate is tropical with remarkable differences in climate within short distances . Hawaii ‘s climate is warm throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 20 to 28 ?C (68 to 85 ?F . The rainy season is between December to March rain can be heavy in the mountains but elsewhere it is confined to short showers . The climate of Hawaii is a typical for a tropical area and regarded as more subtropical than the latitude would suggest because of the moderating effect of the surrounding ocean . Temperatures and [banner_entry_middle]

humidity tend to be less extreme However , the most influencing factor of Hawaii ‘s weather is orographic – caused by the mountains . The higher the mountain the greater the extremes . The mild , uniform climate of Hawaii is famous all over the world . Wide temperature changes are unknown in the state . Despite Hawaii ‘s location in a tropical zone , cooling ocean currents keep the climate moderate . Unlike Hawaii , Mexico is a land of contrasts , from tropical coastal plains to deserts and mountains . Climate is largely determined by altitude beach resorts are generally hot and humid whilst the colonial cities on Mexico ‘s central plateau have almost constant spring temperatures . Mexico has pronounced wet and dry seasons . Most of the country experiences a rainy season from June to mid-October and significantly less rain during the remainder of the year . Mexico lies squarely within the hurricane belt , and all regions of both coasts are susceptible to these storms from June through November

Hurricanes are relatively rare events in the Hawaiian Islands . Records show that strong windstorms have struck all major islands in the Hawaiian Island chain since the beginning of history . The first officially recognized hurricane in Hawaiian waters was Hurricane Hiki in August of 1950 . Hawaii ‘s mountains significantly influence every aspect of its weather and climate . Orographic interception of moisture carried by the northeast trade wind is the primary control on Hawaiian rainfall patterns . Hawaii is the most noted example of hotspot volcanism ?Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world . Kohala Mountain is the oldest in Hawaii , which is also a volcanoe . Areas near the summit of Kohala that receive greater than about 1200 mm rainfall today were drier and cooler during most of the last glacial period . Like Hawaii , even Mexico gets affected with hurricanes . Hurricane Hugo passed directly over Canc ‘n in September 1989 , with winds in excess of 200 kilometers per hour producing major damage to hotels in the resort area In September 1988 , Hurricane Gilbert struck northeast Mexico . Mexico lies squarely within the hurricane belt , and all regions of both coasts are susceptible to these storms . Most of Mexico is an immense , elevated plateau , flanked by mountain ranges that fall sharply off to narrow coastal plains in the west and east . The State of Hawaii , which has both major and minor islands were formed by volcanic eruptions . Since , Hawaii is in the tropics , where the length of day and temperature are relatively… [banner_entry_footer]


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