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Harlem Renaissance

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Harlem Renaissance

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Racism devastates the self-image of the African female in general and the African female child in particular


The civil rights movement inspired numerous social movements , most notably the women ‘s movement , to battle against discriminatory barriers These movements often ally with civil rights forces to protect the achievements of the past and to fight for more guarantees of equality During Civil Rights Movement , Toni Morrison was among those influential who emphasized on the society , not [banner_entry_middle]

the family unit . According to her , the African ‘s self-esteem is damaged at an early age as a result of the ruling class ‘s (specifically the European capitalist class ‘s promotion of its own standard of beauty : long , gristly hair , preferably blond keen nose , thin lips and light eyes , preferably blue . By similarity , if the physical features of the European are accepted as the standard of beauty , then the African should be ugly . This is the type of logic that the Breed loves use to convince themselves of their ugliness

They had looked about themselves and saw nothing to contradict the statement saw , in fact , support for it leaning at them from every billboard , every movie , every glance . Yes ‘ they had said . You are right ‘ And they took the ugliness in their hands , threw it as a mantle over them , and went about the world with it (Morrison , The Bluest Eye 34

In The Bluest Eye each embedded narrative , then , and particularly those focused on women ‘s stories , strengthens the problem of feminine desire while developing the prevailing themes of the novel . Issues of women ‘s objectification , oppression , and attempts at autonomy (successful or not ) are presented in a periodic fashion and largely unresolved Subsumed by the larger mythology and the stress on form , they are dissonant chords that typically remain on the periphery of the text

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Toni Morrison has drawn from Hurston ‘s vision and redefined the African-American test in ways which reveals this “women-identification One way , particularly , in which this is done is by portraying women not as Wright ‘s or Ellison ‘s traditional black outsiders , who themselves conform to the mythic American tradition of self dependence and individualism , but as essential members of their communities her quest for self and place , then , becomes not only an inner one , but also encompasses her family and community surrounding her . Therefore , black female modern novels reflect a more balanced view of black people and culture by presenting the multiplicities of daily living

Morrison describes the poor economic situation of the Breedlove family and the impacts of these situation on it , reveals her responsiveness of the class question . Moreover , she notifies the reader that the MacTeers and Breedloves do not experience just because of racism , but poverty was also one of the reasons

Moreover , Morrison divulges her class realization by discovering the interracial prejudices sourced by petty bourgeois Africans , those who aim for the same goals and objectives of the imperative class… [banner_entry_footer]


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