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Handicrafts and antique

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Handicrafts and Antiques

Consumer need satisfaction is the basic objective of every marketer . His product satisfies the physical need , the symbolic need and the social need of the consumer . Handicrafts and antiques that satisfy these needs are in high demand

Need refers to condition in a consumer that requires relief . It is something that is necessary but is absent . The consumer requires it as useful , just and apt . It is also the psychological feature of the product that arouses the consumer to purchase the product . The need induces the consumer to [banner_entry_middle]

make the purchase . Consumer needs are often described as those things that the potential consumer must have . This is in contrast to other requirements that consumers may want . If the consumer has an experience that he is seeking , it will satisfy his needs . This satisfaction may come from a product , a service , a handicraft or an antique . The successful marketer continuously strives to adapt to the needs of his consumer . The products of a successful marketer are based on the needs of the consumer . In essence , need is something that the consumer wants or requires for increasing his quality of live , general well-being and happiness . In the context of handicrafts and antiques , need refers to something that the consumer desires

If we consider the model of consumer behavior , the inputs that the consumer receives from the environment are the real or physical features of the product or service that he uses . Each product has a need satisfying capacity that is aimed at its target consumer . In other words if the consumer uses the product , the physical aspect of the product will satisfy his need . This is the significative contribution that the consumer gets from the product . In addition , there is the symbolic need satisfying capacity that a product or service has . In case of consumers there are ideas or images that are to a product or service Consider the variety of ideas and images that are to handicrafts and antiques . Finally , there are social ideas or images that are to every product or service . These are thoughts and s that are by either reference groups or the society . Consider the level of social approval and positive evaluation a consumer might get if he uses handicrafts or services

Continuing with models of consumer behavior , between the contribution that the consumer gets from products and the output that he gets are the processes that the consumer goes through to make decisions (Danziger .

br 2004 . These refer to perceptions and learning . If a potential consumer perceives that the product satisfies his need better than that of a competitor he is likely to purchase the product . What influences these perceptions ? It is the information that the consumer obtains and processes about the product or service and the information that the consumer receives about the competing products and services . In case of handicrafts or antiques , this refers to the information about a particular handicraft or an antique that he obtains… [banner_entry_footer]


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