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The Difference Between Management and Leadership Within Halliburton

Halliburton has , in its over 100 year history , grown into a massive player in the global oil industry , employing over 100 ,000 personnel in over 100 countries , giving the firm a true global reach (Halliburton 2005 . This level of achievement has not come without a price , however as the firm has been exposed to have had dealings with nations that harbor terrorism , shady stock deals that extend all the way to the White House , and profiteering from the war in Iraq [banner_entry_middle]

through government contracts (Briody , 2004 . The point being , for this organization , there is a vast difference between management and leadership . For Halliburton , management has had to move beyond the traditional roles of managers , which are discussed in a later section of this , but have also been charged with the important responsibility of keeping a healthy corporate culture in the midst of scandal and scrutiny from all directions . In this sense , management has played a troubleshooting , as well as managerial role . Leadership has had to keep a sharp focus on maintain the profitability of the organization within the scandals they have faced , and historically , have had to contend with the unexpected deaths of key corporate leaders , political wrangling , and much more (Briody , 2004

Roles that Managers and Leaders Play in Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Organizational Culture in Halliburton

In its most basic sense , organizational culture is the personality of an organization , both from the viewpoint of how the employees see the organization and their role within in , and also how the outside world-stakeholders , shareholders , and casual observers- perceive the personality of the organization to be . Managers and leaders within Halliburton play roles in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture in several ways Managers and leaders need to keep lines of communication open , not only between their respective units within the structure of the company , but over the line between those who are in charge of the organization-leaders and managers-and those from all areas of the company . What this will do is create an atmosphere of trust between the leaders and those to be led , making it possible for more productive dialogue and results to happen . This will also contribute to the buy in ‘ of the rank and to the cultural improvements that are being attempted within the firm

Also , managers and leaders need to take into account the impact of what they are seeking to put into effect while profitability and long term growth of the company must be essential priorities , those in charge must never forget that it is the mass of employees that do the daily tasks of operating the company that can make the company fail or move forward If the personality of the company , so to speak , is one of aggression or something else unfavorable , this will surely have a poor affect on the employees , and their productivity , initiative and creativity will diminish measurably

The bottom line is that those who are… [banner_entry_footer]


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