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Gun Control

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Gun Control In America

An Analysis and review of guns and gun control Although the senate had extended the assault weapon ban in March 2004 , the Democratic and Republican platforms seemed to endorse the Second Amendment Right , which gives Americans the right to own weapons . However , parties emphasize background checks and appropriate destruction of gun purchase records . The right to possess or even conceal arms , which some Americans consider as basic rights , are withheld in most other nations . In such countries , the presence of weapons in public domain is ruled [banner_entry_middle]

out with gun manufactures selling only to the government . In America , with an extremely large number of arms in public use , access and illegal use cannot be monitored effectively and shootouts become common

The Brady Bill ‘ was introduced by the Congress in 1994 , which required handgun buyers to compulsorily wait for five days , to allow enforcement agencies to do background verification of the buyers . The Supreme Court termed this background verification as unconstitutional and the law was subsequently revised to allow the gun dealers themselves to do verification immediately , through a national online system . Gun use is regulated by the state and local legislation with differing emphasis on associated issues . States have varying levels of controls over guns , from weak control to strong control . Some states prohibit concealed weapons , while many states issue licenses for carrying concealed weapons . Some states require individuals to establish their need to carry concealed weapon . But many states have a lot in common with crucial issues like use by minors , illegal drug users mentally unstable etc . For instance , leaving a loaded weapon within minor ‘s reach is a crime in most states

Gun control activists consider that it is too easy for criminals to have access to guns . Recent school shootings have become a concern among all who work with children and child issues . This state of affairs is mainly attributed to aggressive video games , movies televisions and poor parenting . Movies motivate youth everywhere , and it is either unfortunate or hard luck that only negative aspirations like crime and violence are portrayed more , which are quickly grasped too These violent crime scenes drives even adults to imitate them , driving them to be more prepared psychologically . The love to watch violence and crime is gradually enhanced in the children , who are drawn to the gun culture . In fact even the type of guns used in movies are looked with awe and admiration . Statistics show a direct correlation of crime and poverty , which obviously associate to guns . People from poverty take to crime for sustaining themselves and their family . Failed efforts and with no help from government policies , crime is either completely or part of their livelihood . Guns become an integral part of their lifeline , protecting them too

Although about 60 to 70 of public opinion advocate stricter gun control laws , no important and notable gun control law has been passed , despite about 20 ,000 existing separate state , city and community laws on firearm regulation . Many efforts… [banner_entry_footer]


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