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Growing Up by Russell Baker

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Growing Up by Russell Baker

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Growing Up by Russell Baker

Growing Up by Russell Baker is a memoir of his earliest memories in Morrisonville , Virginia until his first professional journalism job as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun in 1937 . Throughout much of Baker ‘s youth women dominated Baker ‘s life . His mother , his grandmother and his sister Doris all had strong opinions and strong personalities that would shape his life

Baker ‘s first memory is of “two huge [banner_entry_middle]

eyes glaring at me from a monstrous skull (Baker , 1982 ,

. 32 . A cow had been grazing beside the house and had looked in the window at the infant . His family had moved into a tenant house directly across the road from his paternal grandmother ‘s house . Ida Rebecca Baker was matriarch of the Baker family that made up a large part of the Morrisonville population . From her house she ruled over the rest of the town dictating that people behave in the manner she wished . She was strong-willed , self-confident and determined to do things her own way . In other words , she was just like Baker ‘s mother Lucy Elizabeth Baker (I was unable to find a maiden name . According to Baker his mother was not comfortable on Ida Rebecca ‘s side of the road and his grandmother wasn ‘t happy to cross the road to where her daughter-in-law lived . Baker had the advantage of being well and comfortable on both sides

Baker remembers his grandmother taking him for walks , working with her in her vegetable garden , and giving him jelly bread , a thick slice of her homemade bread with butter and jelly on top

While living in Morrisonville , Virginia , Russell Baker ‘s father , Benny died in a diabetic coma at the age of thirty-three . Baker was five-years-old . This was Baker ‘s first experience with tragedy and he was caught virtually unaware . Two days before the family had dressed in their best clothes and driven five miles away to Taylorstown to spend the night with Uncle Miller . Russell was excited to be traveling so far from home . During supper that night Baker ‘s father was forced to leave the table . Baker remembers that everyone sat there “not saying a word listening to him outside vomiting (Baker , 1982 ,

. 58 . This was the first time Baker had much indication that his father was severely ill Baker ‘s mother told him that his father was ill and was being taken to the hospital by a doctor . When Baker kissed his father good-bye his father told him “Daddy ‘ll be home in a day or two . Be a good boy till I get back (Baker , 1982 , 59 . That was the last time Baker saw his father alive . The next morning at 4 :00 a .m . Benny Baker died while in a diabetic coma

As will happen in a small town other people in town knew it before Russell did . He was told by his… [banner_entry_footer]


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