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Government Expansion for National Security

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Running Head : Government Expansion for National Security


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Government Expansion for National Security


In these modern times , the United States has always been placed as the most powerful force in the world . Nevertheless , United States are now facing the fact that they cannot layback when it comes to security issues . The tragedy of September 11th has opened our eyes that security measures could be the line that separates us from grievous tragedies

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the United States

With the current military and political condition of the world -related to US presence in Iraq and the threats of terrorism to American Citizen everywhere- , the United States have several intelligence dilemma to address . In Iraq , US troops are killed by silent attacks and unpredictable resistances . Many believed that an improvement on intelligence operations is the answer to this problem and not deploying more troops . US body of intelligences faces challenges to work in foreign lands to secure US troops abroad . This is quite a challenge even for the CIA and their `colleagues

Nevertheless , perhaps the most critical intelligence dilemma is what we are having closer to us , within the US bs . Within the US bs US intelligence officers are facing critical challenges of choosing which intelligence operation should be made public . For common people the problem seems to be minor , but it is actually quite stressful for intelligence officers (Lumpkin , 2001

The problem lies within the fact that if intelligence officers go public with the wrong intelligence information , they will cause a nation-wide panic and also compromising the source of information . On the other hand , not revealing critical information could well be the beginning of another national tragedy . This issue becomes more critical especially after investigators discovered that several US agencies have been warned prior to September 11th but they fail to regard the information as genuine (Lumpkin , 2001 Expanding Intelligence Operations

In to identify which `messages ‘ are real and which are not could be quite a difficult task . This is true because terrorists themselves have been known to use our own intelligence weapons against us . They deliberately mislead intelligence officers using lines they suspect to be tapped . Creating panic and misdirection is also within their goals and unwary intelligence officers could have been used to facilitate them in reaching that goal

Therefore , the higher authority stated their logical conclusion that intelligence operations must be enhanced in scope as well as quality whether it is domestic or outside US bs . This argument received pros and contras from all parts of America . One of the most famous form of domestic intelligence that has been receiving many contras are tapping telephone conversation of US citizen to filter which ones contain security sensitive materials

The question many Americans have asked themselves is `how much freedom would we sell to buy security . The question is significantly related to the news article in May 2006 revealing that the National Security Agency had… [banner_entry_footer]


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