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When globalization comes to mind , anyone who considers it usually thinks in terms of economics . While global economics is most profoundly affected , many other aspects of our lives have been changed . It was inevitable and is the product of an increasing popularity of the world wide web and modern communications capabilities . It allows us to easily inter act with anyone , whether they are on the other side of the planet or across the street

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subject can be researched . Knowledge databases can instantly accessed any time of the day of night from anywhere in the world . Search engines are web pages designed to search internet sites worldwide for search words keyed in by the user . These engines will query these sites and within seconds produce lists of relevant sites with hyperlinks . The astounding thing is that the number of sites listed upon the completion of a search usually number one million or more . Never before has such a large amount of information been so readily available to so many

Because of globalization , the world economies have had to reassess governmental policies and analyze its impact on trade balance , their national debt and regulatory issues to in sure fair trace practices Regarding global economics , a serious struggle is being waged between Asian Nations against the western and European nations . Asian countries are receiving money supplies from the global market in growing amounts Federal reserve deposits of Asian nations are including a higher amount of dollars that ever before . Michael Hodges writes in The Grandfather Economic Report that In the 1990s the federal government created 2 .8 trillion of new debt more than created in the nation ‘s entire history prior to 1990 – – and another 2 .7 trillion since 9 /11 /01 . The numbers are staggering due to efforts by the Asian nations to maintain a devalued currency rate . Doing this increases incoming revenue of foreign funds in addition to global marketing income

Globalization enables us to purchase products or services whether they are from local business or corporations based in a foreign market . The impact globalization affects each nation and the corporations within it as well as every citizen , working or unemployed , within its population More important , it affects how trade balances , trade deficits of nations and economic trends . While some of these scenarios can produce negative repercussions within individual nations as well in the global arena Economic depression cycles can not only affect nations but now can affect our world on a global scale . Measures to prevent this type of a scenario are already being initiated by the World trade Organization who regulates the world trade market today . Their involvement has already prevented the continuation of tactics like the devaluing of currency exchange rates by Asian nations and has already seen a plan being implemented by them to adopt a standardized form of currency mimicking the Euro Dollar

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