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Globalization: A Short History, by Jurgen Osterhammel and Niels P. Petersson

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The impact of world trade as an aspect of globalization on religion

The process of globalization is international and is therefore closely connected with international exchange of cultures and economies constant growth of humankind as one organism , the development of new information technologies , single world market of goods and services that may be found in all parts of the world . The notion itself was created under the influence of such giant nations as the USA and UN . The first however , has a noticeably greater impact on the process of globalization as the [banner_entry_middle]

principles of American democracy and realization of individual rights and freedoms form the basis of global processes

A flood of ink has been spilt on negative aspects of globalization and world trade as a part of it . However , here we would like to focus on positive sides of globalization and its impact on religion in particular

It is hard to say that world similarity ‘ promotes anti-religiousness It may be true for some Moslem countries of the Middle East or India that greatly differ from traditional conservative stereotypes . However Europe and both Americas experience an impact of globalization in terms of faith . It is more important that it to great extent changes the position of religions rather than influences it in a certain way . In fact , religious system of values and typical for American society role of religion in life of the nation form spiritual basis of globalization .A number of modifications have occurred in religion and church as the institution of faith due to the effect of world trade . The spread of icons and fresco have appeared to be a part of archaism being purchased only by connoisseurs of art and collectors . Wax is no longer hard to get for church candles . Also there exist greater number of various temptations such as music , fashion , sports , food , and recreation that it has become unnecessary to strictly follow the canons . The following are the most vivid positive changes that were made in perception of the religion in people ‘s minds under the influence of globalization

Decline of devotions significance , liturgical life , asceticism , and a big role of social service , charity , volunteer work , etc

Promotion of personal responsibility for made decisions , importance of freedom of choice , respect and tolerance of other people ‘s views turned into the norm of religious morality

Equal protection of government of all religious faiths , the absence of state privileged denominations , functioning of organized religious life exceptionally on the grounds of volunteer self-discipline of those who believe

The state does not assist religion organizations financially politically , or ideologically and does not interfere in their activity In fact , publicity highly estimates the role and activity of religious organizations in the society

Transformation of democratic principles and individual rights into religious principles supported and advocated by the world priesthood Instead of protective function of current governments , which it used to have , religion now has become a critic from the point of view of its compliance with morality and justice… [banner_entry_footer]


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