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I . Introduction

It is observed nowadays that every economic status of each country has been tried by times . It is phenomenal too that most of the nations nowadays are facing ups and downs regarding their economic status . It is also known to us how each country tries to overcome its economic dilemma . Even the most technologically advanced nations such as the United States of America and the European countries are not exempted for such crises and continuously looking for new strategies and approaches on how to cope with these phenomenal [banner_entry_middle]

crises . Moreover , several industries around the globe are called-economic failure and some of these industries are declaring bankruptcy and presently closed because they are not able to cope up with the low demands in the local market . The supply and demand in the market depends on the economy of each country . The first one to be affected with the economic stability or instability is the consumers then the industries . When there is economic stability , the flow of the supply and demand in the market is very high because consumers can afford to purchase products because of the affordable and reasonable prices stated but when there is economic instability and fluctuations the industries will increase their product ‘s prices so that they can cope with their losses and accumulate profits . And because of these scenarios , the selling of the industries has been affected because their valued consumers are unable to manage the high-selling-prices and prefer not to purchase it anymore . And if the industries are starting to have difficulty in accumulating back their losses , there will be retrenchments amongst employees to pull back its profits . Because of this depressing scenario , the economists had arrived into a conclusion after with so many deliberations , that they definitely believed that this strategy will surely help the economic status of each country and this strategy is called globalization

The intents of this are to (1 ) understand what globalization is (2 ) know its historical precedents (3 ) be aware of the globalization ‘s characteristics (4 ) comprehend why there are anti-globalization and (5 ) scrutinize the advantages and disadvantages of globalization on developing nations

II . Background

A . What is globalization

Globalization defined as an umbrella term for a complex series of economic , social , technological , cultural and political changes seen as increasing interdependence , integration and interaction between people and companies in disparate locations (see Globalization Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia . November 6 , 2006 . This would mean that every nation needs the help of other nations . There is no such self-contained or self-sufficient nation . The consumer ‘s wants and needs in every part of the world are served better by trading services and commodities . Distinctions in production and distribution expenditures influence and persuade decisions as to which items a country imports and which it obtains more profitable to produce at home . Moreover , the word globalization has been used since 1944 but economists have started using the term during 1981 . The word `globalization ‘ is used to denote to a historical process… [banner_entry_footer]


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