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Global Warming Fuel Cell Cars

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Global Warming Fuel Cell Cars


A . Identification of the Subject

How Fuel Cell Cars affects global warming

B . Thesis statement

The effects of the utilization of fuel cell cars on global warming

C . Background of the study

Due to the alarming brought by the warming of the atmosphere , many concerned citizens in the world would like to lessen the effects of global warming . This phenomenon , which is caused by air pollution , warms the earth atmosphere . The heat energy coming from the Sun is trapped Recent studies were [banner_entry_middle]

conducted to lessen the effects of global warming Some of these were the introduction of fuel cell cars to replace the traditional car engine system which utilize gasoline as the main fuel In this new technology , hydrogen and oxygen are combined to produce electricity and the end product is water vapor . The California Fuel Cell Partnership is a grouped of automobiles manufacturers , energy companies fuel cell technology companies and the government agencies that promotes the utilization of fuel cell cars . Many universities are now under taking serious studies on the development of this technology . Almost all the studies came from the United States because it contributes more air pollution than to any other country

D . Review of Related Literature

a . Atmosphere and ozone layer

In general science , earth has four spheres this is lithosphere biosphere , hydrosphere and atmosphere , each having different characteristics . Lithosphere is the land portion , biosphere is the human being portion and hydrosphere is the water bodies . The atmosphere which is the gas division of the earth , serves as a blanket on the entrance of the heat coming from the Sun . It reduces the intensity of the energy The surrounding gas that serves as protection from ultra violet rays is composed of different kinds of gasses . The most abundant is nitrogen comprising for about 79 , oxygen about 21 and some traces gasses which is 1 of the These layers are troposphere , stratosphere , mesosphere and ionosphere These zones have different properties . Troposphere is the region were weather observation can be seen . This is the region were weather forecaster and meteorologist observe their weather investigation Stratosphere is the next region above troposphere . This is thermal inversion occur . Thermal inversion is the even were as the altitude increases , temperature decreases . Mesosphere is the zone where the lowest temperature is reached and ionosphere is the outmost zone Ionosphere is the zone of bombarding of the gas molecules due to the high temperature

The zone that is responsible for the protection from ultra violet rays is the ozone layer . Ozone layer is formed when an oxygen molecule splits in to two oxygen atom and this will combine with other oxygen atom to produce a three atom of oxygen (O3 . These molecules are the responsible in blocking the ultra violet rays of the Sun . Ozone layer is located in the stratosphere between the altitudes of 20-50 km . Ozone layer is very important on everyone of us because it protects us from some disease like skin… [banner_entry_footer]


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