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Global warming and the future.

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The process of trapped greenhouse gases raising the temperature of the earth , or global warming , is a very viable threat to not only humanity but all the life forms on the planet . Basic scientific principles outline the risks that present themselves before modern day society Many detractors from this theory claim that supposed scenarios are far too outlandish , and illustrative models are untrustworthy International cooperation will go a long way to help rectify the situation . While the current prognosis appears bleak , diligent corrective action can remove the imminent threat , and help to [banner_entry_middle]

take the life forms remaining on the planet off of the collision course with oblivion that they currently travel down

Global warming is defined as the observed and projected increase in the HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Historical_temperature_record ” \o “Historical temperature record ” average temperature of HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Earth 27s_atmosphere ” \o “Earth ‘s atmosphere ” Earth ‘s atmosphere and HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Ocean ” \o “Ocean ” oceans , as excerpted from Wikipedia . While this , is by definition , a neutral term for consideration presently is the connotation that human activities have resulted in the rise in global temperature . This rising in the amount of global thermal energy is caused when excessive amounts of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere prevent heat from sunlight to escape the planet . Instead its trapped by a gaseous blanket . This is similar to how a greenhouse works . Sunlight enters a greenhouse via the glass windows . The carbon dioxide exhaled by the plants inside holds the heat in the greenhouse , much like a blanket . This is where the term greenhouse effect ‘ originates from . Global warming is the culprit behind many occurences in nature . Detoriation of the polar ice caps will lead to expansion of the oceans . This will result in a loss of inhabitable space for terrestrial life forms . Ordinarily mild to moderate occurences , like tornados , hurricanes , typhoons , and other storms are much more violent , due to an raised amount of energy fueling the tempest . This has a potentially catastrophic connotation , as witnessed in the now infamous Hurricane Katrina . Considering the number of species that cannot repoduce above or below a certain temperature range highlights the danger that the greenhouse effect poses to both the earth ‘s flora and fauna . Any ripples at the bottom of the food chain affect those beings at the top . This fact is immutable , and as one will discover , often scientific principles eliminate human impunity

Thermal averages are generally presumed to have held constant prior to the recording of meteorlogical data , which began largely in the 1850 ‘s Two decades prior to this , the world witnessed the Industrial Revolution , which gave rise to an exponential increase in the amount of fossil fuels that were burned for energy as well as waste products released into the atmosphere . The constant increase in temperature can be attributed to the constant accrual of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere . Combining this with the fact that more nations became industrially active as… [banner_entry_footer]


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