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global warming

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Global Warming

Global warming is defined as the increase in Earth ‘s atmosphere temperature . It is believed that the Earth ‘s temperature rose 0 .6 – 0 .2 ?Celsius (1 .1 – 0 .4 ?Fahrenheit ) in the 20th century . This increase in temperature is mainly due to the big corporation and firms who are busy in such business activities , which is giving rise to global warming phenomenon . For example rise in global temperature is increasing the sea level changing the patterns of precipitation which is affecting the intensity of extreme weather events such floods , draught [banner_entry_middle]

, hurricanes and tornadoes . Other related affects of global warming include lower agriculture yield , glacial retreat , reduced summer stream flow and species extinctions

The main reason for such warming has many numerous . For example due the massive industrialization in the developed countries directly affecting greenhouse gases

The developed countries such as USA and EU countries are the great contributors , because they have more industries and also more consume more power and releasing large amount of CO2 in the atmosphere . The result are more hearkens and floods the

Hurricanes Katrina , Rita and Wilma are ample proof of change in weather pattern

A recent research of population trends , climate change , increasing pollution and emerging diseases found that 40 percent of deaths in the world could be attributed to environmental factors

Ironically the world governments are not taking the global warming seriously despite the catastrophic warning in the share of floods and hurricanes . For example US is the world ‘s largest greenhouse gas emitter and account for about 25 percent of global emission . There has efforts to find a solution since 1990 however the US needs to reduce GHG emission

For example one solution is developing appropriate level of commitment from the companies . The company ‘s leaders are often in tough completion to get ahead of each other the global warming group should warn them against the rising completion and its implications . If companies are willing to reduce GHC emission it can also influence US government policy towards global warming which will natural be beneficial for climate over all

First of all there need to be a mechanism where companies can measure most of the direct or indirect emission . However there should be clear definition of emission and companies are aware of it especially the business related activities that contribute to the each type of emission . Another issue is the range of possible activities where companies know that how much its adding up to the environment . These activities can be split into and measured effectively as absolute measures are essential to know the full extent of the problem . The former approach may be more expensive and labor-intensive but the latter is complicated by the variety of methodologies that exist for calculating emissions

Another solution can be creating business opportunities for companies who have history of climate related activities and are trying to shift their strategies on pollution management . This encouragement will create the opportunities for development of advance technologies that can… [banner_entry_footer]


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