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Global Communications Problem Solution

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TOC \o “1-3 ” \h \z \u HYPERLINK \l “_Toc6 ” Abstract PAGEREF _Toc6 \h 2

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc7 ” Introduction : PAGEREF _Toc7 \h 3

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc8 ” Opportunity Identification : PAGEREF _Toc8 \h 4

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc9 ” Stakeholder Perspective : PAGEREF _Toc9 \h 5

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc0 ” Problem statement : PAGEREF _Toc0 \h 6

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc1 ” End-state-vision : PAGEREF _Toc1 \h 6

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc2 ” Alternate Solutions : PAGEREF _Toc2 \h 7

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc3 ” Analysis of alternate solutions PAGEREF _Toc3 \h 8

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc4 ” Risk Assessment [banner_entry_middle]

and Mitigation Techniques PAGEREF _Toc4 \h 10

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc5 ” Optimal Solution PAGEREF _Toc5 \h 12

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc6 ” Plan Implementation PAGEREF _Toc6 \h 14

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc7 ” Result Evaluation : PAGEREF _Toc7 \h 15

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc8 ” Conclusion : PAGEREF _Toc8 \h 16

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc9 ” Bibliography : PAGEREF _Toc9 \h 17


The presents a detailed outline for Global Communications Ltd on how they can reap the benefits of existing opportunities in the market The throws light on what the existing opportunities are , how the company can position itself to gain benefits out of these opportunities and what extra efforts it will need to conduct in to reap the benefits

The risks involved in the strategies given and the mitigation techniques have also been provided


The discusses the different events happening in the satellite technology industry and how these events can provide an opportunity for Global Communications UK Ltd . These events have provided an opportunity for growth into related markets and can be seen as a way to enhance the firm ‘s current market

According to Rachel Villain , various financial investors are interested in this business which initially used to get investment form the government only . These days the financial investors find the industry profitable and can predict future growth trends . Moreover , one can see the technology business has been booming for the past several years . One also sees that technology is spreading across many continents which have lived in the dark ages . This provides an opportunity for growth in the foreign market . The company , Global Communications UK Ltd can also find attractive opportunities because it sells customized solutions and can thus , differentiate its products from the rest

This discusses these events in detail . It describes how these opportunities can be turned into a successful growth strategy . The provides a complete action plan needed to be taken by the company to successfully reap the benefits of these opportunities

Opportunity Identification

Through an analysis of the past trends and events in the satellite and telecommunications industry , following trends have been identified

Increasing investor interest in the satellite industry as they consider it a profitable one

Increasing demand for the satellite and television products as more and more people and places are getting technology products because of their decreasing rates

Movement from mass production towards customized product solutions

These trends have given birth to various opportunities for Global Communications Ltd . These opportunities if sensibly dealt with can result in increased growth and sustainability… [banner_entry_footer]


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