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Abstract : In this , the event on September 11 1982 happened in California is considered . This event is the baseball competition played between the Toronto Blue jays and California Angels at Anaheim Stadium California , USA . It discusses the positive impact of the event in the economy

Title : September 11 , 1982 : The Event and its Economic Impact


The event happened on September 11 , 1982 refers to the baseball competition between the Toronto Blue Jays and California Angels . In this event , the Angels defeated the Jays . This will discuss the history [banner_entry_middle]

br of the Toronto Blue Jays and California Angels . It will present a record of the event happened during the 11th of September , 2006

The Toronto Blue Jays : The Creation

On March 26 , 1982 , the American League finally decided to expand the baseball competition not only in the US but also in Toronto . This agreement was finally agreed based on the cast votes favored to the creation of a baseball team from Toronto a awarding franchise to group consisting of Imperial Trust , Ltd , Labatt ‘s Breweries , and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commercea “BLUE JAYS TIMELINE , 2006 . On August 12 , a contest called a Name the Teama was held in to select a team from Toronto . Finally , the a Blue Jaysa was chosen . On August 25 , the team was provided a training site in Dunedin , Florida

On March 11 , the first competition by the Blue Jays held with itys owner anmd team manager . To prove their worth , they vanquished the New York Mets in the first training game held in Florida . From then on , the team continuously showed their vitality as they fight for the different competitions . Presently , in the World Series , the team has the record of 8-4 (two series wins and zero losses

California Angels : The Creation

The California Angels Baseball Team is one of the baseball teams under the Western Division and a major league baseball franchise . The team usually called by it different names such as a Halosa , a Los Angeles Angelsa , a Anaheim Angelsa and California Angels .a For many years there was an issue about the formation of a baseball team relocating to Los Angeles . In 1942 , the St . Louis Browns asked the American League to allow moving to Los Angeles . Unfortunately , they were not succeeded However , in 1942 , the league permitted to cover Los Angeles . Due to Pearl Harbor bombing , the game suddenly became a practical sport . In 1953 , there was an issue about the relocation of the Browns to LA for the 1954 season . However , unexpected result happened . HYPERLINK “http /mydropbox .com /g .pl ?i 508343 d 6bd89fa3d1458a4ebad2f0d7e6f95175 The team was sold and moved to Baltimore . The issue of the possible relocation was again on seat of the Washington Senators . After so many issues , the Brooklyn Dodgers finally came . Walter O ‘Malley , Dodgersa owner , finally purchased a Pacific Coast League ‘s Los Angeles Angels in early 1957 from Chicago Cubs owner Phil Wrigleya “The Official Site of Los Angeles Angels… [banner_entry_footer]


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