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Gentirfication pushes poors into street



November , 2006


You own a home or you rent a home , and you ‘ve lived there for many years , carefully paying each payment , raising your family and living the life you set out to since coming from another country . Suddenly , to the right of you , you see a home being torn down and a new one built Before you know it , you are witnessing the same thing on the next street and suddenly you begin to wonder when you will be next

Your neighborhood is [banner_entry_middle]

going through a process called urban gentrification . According to the Wikipedia , this is a process in which low-cost , physically deteriorated neighborhoods experience physical renovation and an increase in property values , along with an influx of wealthier residents who typically replace the prior residents

But , what happens to you ? This shows what is happening to the residents of downtown Vancouver , BC Canada and it will address the economics of the situation as well as the direct impact it has on the residents BACKGROUND

Here we will talk about East Vancouver , which is a region within the City of Vancouver , Canada and often referred to as East Van Throughout the eighteen eighties this area has been the first home of many immigrants to the region . It was traditionally for the lower income workers . If we were to compare this area to the West side , we would see a great diversity in homes , people and attitudes

However , since the later nineteen hundred and nineties , due to the rapid increase of housing and declining affordable housing , diversity may be waning because gentrification has arrived

According to The Downtown Eastside , by Cary Holt , the Eastside today rests on the site where Vancouver began . While waterfront industrial activities from shipping to saw mills dated back to the eighteen eighties , the majority of the area has always remained residential Heritage buildings preserve the city ‘s original business core which has been the site of a number of firsts . The first City Hall , which sat across from the Carnegie Library , the first department store , Woodwards opened in 1903 and the first building to be built of reinforced concrete , The Europe Hotel , 1907 . After its early boom , the city center shifted West to Granville Street and the Downtown Eastside began to be perceived of as a community on the skids . The Skid Road label converted the area from a community to a dumping ground

How did it all begin ? The Downtown Eastside has achieved a particular renown across the country . It ‘s been described as the poorest postal code in Canada , and its problems with crime , substance misuse have been s of national discussion . How did this once vibrant section of the city get this way ? The City of Vancouver (DTVS Revitalization Community History ) tells us that in 1958 , streetcars stopped running in the area taking away the daily infusion of pedestrians . Soon after , the library moved to Burrard and Robson Street , and many head offices began to… [banner_entry_footer]


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