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Heaven According to Islam , Christianity and Judaism

Religions have different views on the afterlife , specifically in regard to Heaven and Hell . Muslims believe that the afterlife includes Paradise and Hell . When a follower of Islam dies , he will be shown his position , whether it is in Paradise or Hell , morning and night . In to enter Paradise , a follower must display humility , modesty , control of passions and desires , truthfulness , integrity , patience , steadfastness and has fulfilled all promises . When a true believer reaches the gates of Paradise , the gates will open and the deceased [banner_entry_middle]

will be accompanied by angels . A believer must fast in to be admitted . There are eight gates in Paradise which only open during Ramadan , and when a believer enters , the gate will close behind him . Those who have no sins to account for will enter through the right-hand gate , and everyone else will enter through the other gates . There are eight levels or stages of Paradise

Those who perform certain actions are promised a particular place in Paradise . Some of these actions are : belief in Allah , jihad for the sake of Allah , a desire for martyrdom , and spending for the sake of Allah Paradise is thought to be a very physical place with many delights though these delights seem to be more readily available for men . In general , it is thought that men will enter Paradise more easily than women . The delights of Paradise include food , shade and fair maidens and these images influence Muslims to fight for Islam . Men and women remain married in Paradise , though the men will have access to fair maidens . There is no such reward in Paradise for women . A less wholesome version describes Paradise as a place where men will have access to as many virgins as they , and can spend eternity having sex if they so choose

In Judaism , when a person dies and goes to heaven , the soul is shown two versions of his life . Everything a person did or thought , in public and private is replayed for the soul

The second version shows what might have happened if the person in life had made the right choices , taken advantage of all opportunities , and realized his true potential . The pain of these missed opportunities causes the soul to regret . This regret allows the soul to connect completely to God . Heaven is similar to Islam ‘s Paradise in that there are different levels of Heaven . A person ‘s location in Heaven depends entirely on their good deeds , and they are rewarded accordingly Additionally , if a person ‘s life was about spirituality and elevation of the soul , Heaven will be that much sweeter for them . If the person was good , but lived a very shallow life , then Heaven will reflect it . Unlike Islam , there is no mention of how a man and his wife will be treated nor will there be virgins available for his use

Christians believe that when they die , God will make a judgment and they… [banner_entry_footer]


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