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gender and language

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Gender and Language

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Gender and Language


Below is an excerpt from an article by BBC News , concerning Miss Hamassa Kohistani , who was crowned Miss England 2005 . The news article entitled Beauty Queen Defies Bimbo Stereotype ‘ dealt with the beauty queen ‘s agenda during her reign . Kohistani ‘s main program revolves around the reduction of child illiteracy in Pakistan and engagement in charity work in her native country , Afghanistan (O ‘Shea , 2006

Talking about her fortunate chance at [banner_entry_middle]

getting quality education when her family was exiled from Afghanistan , Kohistani said “People from my background especially , we haven ‘t had the opportunity to take education for granted (O ‘Shea , 2006

On her visit to a school run by a charitable institution called Zindagi Trust , the beauty queen met with very young children who gave her homemade gifts , and she was depressed by the thought that they would then be returning to their low pay jobs . She was quoted to have said “It ‘s hard to see them go back to the streets and work when they ‘re so happy in a classroom (O ‘Shea , 2006

Aside from Kohistani ‘s charitable work , the article likewise dealt with her desire to change people ‘s perception and stereotype of beauty queens as bimbos . She said “It ‘s not just that I appreciate education as an Afghan woman , it ‘s also about being a model and having an education .People stereotype beauty queens and models so much and think , oh , you know , she ‘s a bimbo (O ‘Shea , 2006


Gender and sex are two very different things . Sex is a scientific attribute , which consists in the biological differences between males and females . Such differences lie in their X and Y chromosomes . These differences are the reasons for other differences that will develop as males and females grow older

Gender , on the other hand , is a mere construct resulting from the biological differences of the sexes . It consists of the different social , cultural , and psychological constructs , including the meanings and values attributed by society to males and females . Because of the basic biological differences of males and females , society created certain behavioral expectations from people belonging to these different sets of persons , and these expectations also form a part of gender

The excerpt given above is one manifestation of a construct or behavioral expectation created by society on one side of the sex dichotomy : male and female . As from a biological perspective , only females develop more beautiful skin and hair than men , and they grow certain body parts that do not similarly grow on males , women have been subjects of beauty contests in much greater instances than men . Indeed innumerable beauty contests have been launched in every country of the world and not a few international contests have been presented in search of the world ‘s most beautiful women

Together with this construct , however , is the development of a stereotype that beautiful women should look… [banner_entry_footer]


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