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Future of Business

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I . Introduction

Globalization and technology progresses have indication that the strength of business to benefit people is better than previous . At this moment , businesses are being needed to receive more responsibility in the improvement of peoples in which they operate . It comprises investing in human capital maturity and making further opportunities for development . Industry is changing , and people need to change correctly with it . People need to be conscious of the changes in the global market . Furthermore , people should learn how those changes would influence [banner_entry_middle]


II . Internet and Its Impact on Economy

The advancement of Internet technology has influenced the ways people communicate at work , at home , and in neighborhood since all communications can be conducted without the need to perform face-to-face meeting . Simultaneously , Internet has an effect on the implementation of the economy and the people ‘s standard of living . By having an essential impact on the performance of the economy , Internet extensively raise productivity and improve the wealth of peoples . Eventually , great use of the Internet generates an important prospective for rising efficiency and increasing the level of comfort ( Influencing policy in ICTs for development , 2006

Internet has the capability to enhance productivity growth Extensively , Internet is decreasing the cost of many contracts that essential to manufacture and distribute goods and services . Moreover Internet is raising the management competence , particularly by allowing companies to control their supply chains more efficiently and communicate more simply both in the company and with customers and partners ( GE CEO Discusses Future Trends , 2006

Due to the vast benefits of Internet , we witness that Internet has huge impacts to all types of businesses such as transportation , consulting and retailers . In transportation , consumers can buy ticket without the need to visit a travel agent consulting where customers can brose for information about the expertise of particular consultants , and retailers since they can provide information about new offering and make online transaction

Concerning the retailers business , to be specific , we can pick real-life examples about how they take benefits of Internet to boost the sales . In the movie-rental industry , for instances , Blockbuster .com is one of website that offers and sells new and used videotapes , video games , as well as DVDs and movie soundtracks . Blockbuster .com provides customer management solution that gives customers immediate assistance through any step of the online buying process , through multiple media , including phone , e-mail and fax ( About Blockbuster .com , 2006

Similarly , Amazon .com , the pioneer of online sales , also shows that Internet can be a worldwide showcase so that customers can see the products they intend to buy before deciding to buy them . The success of online sales has driven the company to evolve as the most successful online retailers selling music CD ‘s , cookware , toys and games , tools and hardware . By selling throughout the Internet , the company experiences a fast growing revenue from merely 150 million in 1997 into 3 .1 billion in 2001 (Khrisnamurthy , 2002

At eBay , Internet also helps business to speed… [banner_entry_footer]


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