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Functions of Management

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Institutional Affiliation Goes Here The success of every organization hinges on the successful development of a management strategy Leadership or management affects every part of an organization . The successful manager will provide the essential skills of planning organizing , leading , and controlling . While each of these functions are inter-related , they each play a major role in how the organization operates as a whole

Planning is the development phase in which management determines appropriate [banner_entry_middle]

goals for the organization , and develops appropriate courses of action to achieve those goals . During the planning phase , management must decide which goals are appropriate and beneficial , the methods by which those goals will be met , and what resources should be allocated to meet those goals . The process of establishing goals will help to determine how effective and efficient the organization will operate and determines the overall strategy of the organization . There are a variety of types of planning that can occur within an organization These can include business planning , strategic planning , project planning , etc . Each of these can incorporate different parts of the organization . Strategic planning focuses on the mission of the organization as a whole , and what values underwrite that mission , while project planning is narrow in focus . Without effective planning , an organization will not have a clear direction of where they are going or how they are supposed to get there . This will result in lost time wasted resources , and a general lack of progress . Planning ensures that the direction employees take and the resources that are utilized are focused on the overall goals and objectives of the organization (Mercer , 1991

Once the planning is complete , management moves on the phase of organizing . Organizing will include the development of work groups within the organization that work together productively to meet the goals of the organization . These work groups will be developed based on the tasks that need to be performed to meet the goals of the organization and will include lines of authority and responsibility Ultimately , this will result in an organizational structure , which will coordinate the effort of employees and motivate them to achieve the organizational goals . Organizing can include a variety of areas or departments . It can include the entire organization or one department Organizing can focus on community needs or begin the process for reorganizing the entire organization (Curtis , 1994

Implementation of a strategic plan involves the initiation of the several action

plans designed at the functional level , completing their integration at the top of the organization

and a kickoff of the strategic plan . This may involve new services initiation of management

development or technical training , new revenue sources , or alternative service delivery

approaches . In effect , implementation is the step at which the strategic plan is handed from the

planning team to the functional managers . All parts of the organization should recognize that

there is progress occurring towards the organizational goals on all levels… [banner_entry_footer]


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