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From the Middle Ages through the Renaissance

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The Michelangelo Pieta shows the natural motherly embrace of Mary . Here Mary is portrayed in a different way , a figure larger than life , which is strong , determined and resolute amidst the crisis . Where as in German Pieta Mary figure is small and nimble which does not portray her as grand as Michelangelo . The Michelangelo creates two fold effects , one through Christ body and other through Mary showing both characters larger than life . The Michelangelo Mother Mary perhaps is a symbolic mother for all believers , who in times of pain and crisis return to [banner_entry_middle]

sons for comfort . Michelangelo has tried to assimilate the spirit of renaissance creating extreme balance and harmony but with restrain to create classical beauty that is common in his age . His both figures show extreme details in showing their emotions that makes it very realistic and amazing

In the German Pieta , the artist has tried to portray the finality of the beloved son that can be noticed from dripping blood from the Christ ‘s body . Christ mother can be seen with Christ body in her lap . The Virgin Mary seems to be left aghast as she tries to overcome the grief of her son ‘s death . This sense of serenity is combined with heavy tears that are visible in the image . Thus we can say that the features are more overstated compared to Michelangelo ‘s Pieta . It ‘s not only the portrayal of the characters that makes them apart , but they also differ in style For example the German Pieta is a classic example of Middle Age and Renaissance . Michelangelo Pieta depicts a more mature and established style of renaissance where art imbibes the complete spirit of renaissance rediscovering the past and applying new techniques Reference

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