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From Color of Violence “Disability in the New World ” by Nirmala Erevelies and “Crime.

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From Color of Violence

Disability in the New World ‘ by Nirmala Erevelies and Crime Punishment , and Economic Violence ‘ by Patricia Allard are two essays that ultimately made me think : exactly where do we draw the line Disability ‘ first of all , lacks any kind of cogency that the author attempted to have . It ‘s one of those articles that I can see where she was trying to go with it , she just didn ‘t quite get there . The bottom line ultimately becomes : Disabled people and women of color in Third World countries are [banner_entry_middle]

still being marginalized and oppressed Ooo-kaaaay .and then what ? Oh , the author ‘s further point being World governments are bad . Again .and ? Okay , so apparently this New World ‘ of which she speaks is one in which women of color in Third World countries and disabled people everywhere are being economically oppressed – one is being overworked and underpaid (with a whole lot of gender and race rhetoric thrown in , the other isn ‘t being worked enough (with a whole lot of bleeding heart rhetoric thrown in Well , the former is in a Third World country .that ‘s why it ‘s a Third World country . Her argument kind of lacks punch with that . Not to say that I ‘m happy it ‘s happening or that it is deserved – I ‘m simply pointing out that this essay went a whole lot of nowhere . The latter is , well , disabled . Yeah – they ‘re not going to be able to contribute as much as others to economic growth . They can ‘t . They ‘re disabled If you want to argue this , show me that man with no limbs who can climb eight stories of scaffolding to lay down electrical wire . Yeah , didn ‘t think so . To claim that disabled people aren ‘t being employed is what is simply preposterous (and though she doesn ‘t exactly come right out and claim that explicitly , it certainly does seem to be implied Seriously , there comes a point in time where people simply MUST stop rallying the Difference ‘ cry and getting up in arms whenever someone isn ‘t treated the same as someone else because , well , PEOPLE ARE INDEED DIFFERENT . And yes , sorry , but some people aren ‘t capable of doing the same things as other people , and their perceived value ‘ in certain situations is different . Much like you would rather have a smart person as your lawyer and a strong person as your bodyguard , a man with no hands could be a brilliant accountant but can never be a carpenter . I found this essay to be little more than useless drivel

Crime , Punishment , and Economic Violence ‘ by Patricia Allard isn ‘t quite leagues better than the last , but her arguments seem to be a little better founded . While ultimately I disagree that socially disadvantaged people should be given what equates to limitless opportunities to abuse what advantages they are given , I do see some value in the points Allard makes . The transition from welfare to work… [banner_entry_footer]


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