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The friendships I ‘ve had were long through the years

I ‘ve had great friends who I loved and would do anything for . I think

the deepest friendship I ‘ve had is a childhood friendship . It was the

deepest and most solid friendship . I still remember my childhood

friends from my past . The way we used to play for long hours in the

summer , not caring about anything else but what game to play next

I met my best friend in Kindergarten . It was my first day [banner_entry_middle]

and I

remembered I was so scared . My mother still has the marks of my tight

grip at the bottom of her housedress . She pushed me away from her to

go to the teacher . I cried when my teacher pulled me away to join the

class . My hand tightened around the teacher ‘s hand

I remember the other kids looking at me thinking that I was a

baby for crying for my mommy . I didn ‘t think so I just wanted my

mother to take me home with her . My mother left and I cried harder . I

then remember a little girl stepping up to me and taking my hand . The

teacher went around behind me and pushed me to join her

The little girl lead me to the group of other kids where she

introduced me to the other kids . The little girl told me her name it

was Mary and that is when we became great friends . We were inseparable

going everywhere together . I am an only child so she was the closet

thing to a sister that I ever had . We slept in each others houses , our

parent ‘s were friends

It was summer and at twilight we ran outside armed with our

empty mason jars to my backyard ready to catch fireflies until it got

too dark . After , we would go inside pop popcorn and watch movies until

we fell asleep . We would try to stay up as late as possible . The latest


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being , 3 :00am because it was a Friday and we had been in school all


Mary and I spend hours in each other ‘s houses playing all day

and sleeping over trying to beat our 3 :00am time . We once barely stayed

till 5 :00am in the morning . I remember we were much too tired to do

anything the next day , but lounge around on the sofa watching T .V

Those beautiful hot steamy summer days seemed endless , like there was

not a care in the world . We were happy and alive with not a care in the

world . Our mother ‘s would soon call us in for dinner and we would meet

again after

When Mary came out after dinner I remembered she seemed sad . I

asked her what was wrong and she told me that her mother and father

just told her that they were going to move in the end of July . It was

barely… [banner_entry_footer]


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