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freedom of press in middle east

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Freedom of the Press in the Middle East

From a western perspective , the area of the world known as the Middle East decidedly lacks a number of the freedoms that are present in the United States and Europe . This sentiment is effectively summed up in the following excerpt

Freedom of the press , a concept touted in much of the Western world is sadly lacking in most of the Middle East . In some cases , some sources have suggested that given the difficulties of operating in largely non-democratic countries , leading Western news agencies themselves [banner_entry_middle]

have failed to live up to western standards . Elsewhere , the right of freedom of the press is granted according to the law of the land , but is largely ignored in practice (Williams

When it comes to the situation of freedom of the press in the Middle East , the cultural climate that exists within the region is very oppositional towards any notion of freedom of the press and seeks to subvert such freedoms . To a great degree , this has stifled the growth of the Middle Eastern nations and perpetually keeps their media backwards in relation to the rest of the world . Consider the following

Iran once again has the region ‘s worst record of press freedom , with seven journalists in prison and four others provisionally free and in danger of being returned to jail at any moment . Akbar Ganji is still being held in solitary confinement despite a more than 60-day hunger-strike , an international campaign and several official promises to free him . Cyber-dissident Mojtaba Saminejad has been in jail since October 2004 , serving a two-year sentence (Anon RSF

Such attitudes are completely out of place in the modern world and all the nations of the Middle East would be much better off if such policies were eliminated . There does , however , need to be an understanding that these nations have the sovereign right to implement poor domestic policies

When it comes to the subject of freedom of the press in the Middle East the subject is , in and of itself , a misnomer . That is to say , to discuss freedom of the press in

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the Middle East ‘ erroneously presupposes the ideology that there is a coherent unity of laws within the Middle East as if the Middle East is a unified nation along the lines of the old Soviet Union . In reality , the Middle East is comprised of a number of sovereign nations such as Jordon , Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Libya , etc all of which have their own laws , rules and regulations

Furthermore , the term freedom of speech ‘ derives from the United States constitution and is not applicable to the nations of the Middle East as there is no inalienable right to freedom of the press within those nations . As the Taliban has shown in the past , there can even be a presupposition that there are no rights or freedoms allowed period

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