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Free at Last: Examining the songs of slavery in America

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This scene in the movie portrays the sole possession these men have to hold on to : each other . With a bit of encouraging , one soldier is assisted by another to not just say ‘ his hopes for the battle ‘s outcome , but to demand ‘ them with confidence that his prayers will be answered . Although Hollywood glamorized this scene with embellishments such as a pre-determined beat and a chorus , this type of shouting is how it all began

Knowing how it all began leaves us with the need to know why ‘ it all began [banner_entry_middle]

. Why did slave songs (Ware , Allen , and Garrison ,

. I ) become such a big part of history ? No other group in history utilized song the way that history ‘s slave did . Not only did singing pass the day , but singing helped the slave to identify with themselves . Bringing God into the lyrics , they created biblical images (Silverman ,

. 79 ) of who they compared themselves to during biblical times . Many compared themselves to Moses , and sang of leading all slaves to freedom , just as Moses led the Israelites from Pharaoh ‘s captivity . This gave the slaves hope Soon , this boost of hope led to singing songs about what it would be like when they were free . In Slavery Chain Done Broke at Last (Silverman ,

. 83 , the slave sings of how freedom is abound . He is sure to thank God , and vows to continue telling God his problems , in hopes of receiving more help when needed . In other songs , such as Oh , Freedom (Ware , Allen and Garrison ,

.33 , slaves give thanks at the end of a long and dangerous journey to freedom . On the other side of serious purpose , slave songs were not always sung just to say thanks . They were also sung as a way to

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