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For what would you be willing to be martyred? Why? How would your martyrdom compare or contrast to that of an early Christian martyr?

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For what would you be willing to be martyred ? Why ? How would your martyrdom compare or contrast to that of an early Christian martyr

Martyrdom is defined by philosophy and common social understanding to be the continuous struggle of an individual amidst all the adversaries and hindrances in his or her quest of promoting and adhering to the principles he or she strongly believes in . This is commonly expressed in terms of the person faith to his principles fueling his or her passion and strengthening him or her in overcoming the [banner_entry_middle]

suffering . In religious aspect , this is the enduring passion of an individual to his faith against all of the oppositions he or she faced with

Every individual has their own reason for their own martyrdom and this differs with each other in nature . Patriots are known for their martyrdom for their patriotism while soldiers have their own reason specifically their loyalty to their code . However , own enduring passion has viewed to be very powerful that is able to withstand oppression and cruelty for years as entailed in the human history

Christians have already withstand and struggle against the strongest storms in the history who all aim to destroy these people faith at all cost . History has a long record of Christian people being persecuted and oppressed because of their beliefs mainly their faith and obedience to the principles promoted in the Bible . For them , martyrdom because of faith is actually a blessing that brings them closer to the promised salvation of everlasting life . Thus , with the passion that Christian people has was able to strengthen them to continuously endure the hardship and social oppression they are faced with in adhering and believing in the Word of God and in delivering its message to all the people throughout the world… [banner_entry_footer]


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