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Question 1 : Take an objective look at the place where you usually get your food and present an evaluation , from a socio-environmental perspective , of the following what implication does the location of the store have on the consumers transportation needs to get there The opportunities offered by the store to minimize or recycle packaging the provision of minimally packaged alternatives Incentives provided by the store to you to buy locally produced food

There are several prepared food vendoring spots in developing countries They are so close that a walking distance is all there is [banner_entry_middle]

, for a food buyer to take . Their close proximity places no transportation costs on food buyer . The savings made from transportation costs enable other household obligations such as rent , water and electricity bills to be paid

The emerging trend is towards the use of recyclable and less excessive packaging materials . In countries where green consumerism is strong these virtues are greatly upheld . Green consumerism is being promoted in most regions of the world . Consistent with current trends , some retail units in developed countries do not use white s in selling their wares

This is because in manufacturing them , chlorine breaches are used Chlorine beaches are considered a pollutant to the surrounding environment . According to Terpstra and Sarathy (2000 , negative connotations have also associated with excess packaging . These authors further pointed out that Refill packages and recycled goods have gained easy acceptance with consumers . Some retail units reward consumers who purchase items with their refill bags

Incentives offered by some retailing units to increase patronage of the stores

include redeemable coupons , credit cards , prizes and sample trials

Question 2 : Evaluate your diet from a socio-environmental perspective Aspects to consider include Where does the food come from What is its status in relation to global food production The energy requirements related to packaging , processing , storage cooking Influence of the following on your diet : cost , true cost nutrition , culture , taste (a

There are six major food constituents . These are carbohydrates proteins , lipids (fat and oil , vitamins , minerals and water . We are counseled by nutritionist to eat diets that are balanced . By that , it is meant eating foods that contain all of these nutrients and also in right proportions

The major sources of carbohydrates are cereal grains , and root tuber crops . In addition , there is also the Musa species , of which plantain and banana are members . The former includes maize , rice , sorghum , wheat and millet . The latter is inclusive of cassava , yam , potatoes , and cocoyam . These foodstuffs are major staple foods in most developing countries . The cereal grains come from the grain basket regions . The food seller either purchased them on the market from market intermediaries or directly from the farmer . It is extremely difficult to pinpoint which particular agro-ecological zone or area they brought them from . Wheat is largely imported as it is a temperate crop The protein sources can be divided into two major parts , namely those from plant sources and those that had its origin from animal… [banner_entry_footer]


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