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Research Articles

The Challenges of Globalization on Architectural Firms and Changes Caused

Architectures of Globalization : Places , Practices and Pedagogies (2000 November . Berkeley : University of California . The conference provides research on current globalization processes as well as investigates the urban and architectural landscapes of globalization

Buckman , John . IBISWorld : Emerging Next Wave ‘ of Globalization Retrieved December 11 , 2006 , from HYPERLINK “http /www .ereleases .com /pr .html http /www .ereleases .com /pr .html The article presents globalization impact on architectural design in G8 countries

Kelbaugh , Bruce . Seven Fallacies in Architectural Practices . Retrieved [banner_entry_middle]

br December 11 , 2006 , from HYPERLINK “http /www .caup .umich .edu /publications /sevenfallacies /index .html http /www .caup .umich .edu /publications /sevenfallacies /index .html As an architect and educator the author is interested in the intellectual and pragmatic challenges that currently bedevil architectural practice and pedagogy

Konana , Prabhudev (2006 , July . Can Indian Software Firms Compete with the Global Giants ? Retrieved December 11 , 2006 , from HYPERLINK “http /www .computer .org /portal /site /computer /menuitem .5d61c1d591162e4b0 ef1bd108bcd45f3 /index .jsp pName computer_level1_article TheCat 1005 pat h computer /homepage /0706 cover2 .xml xsl article .xsl http /www .computer .org /portal /site /computer /menuitem .5d61c1d591162e4b0e f1bd108bcd45f3 /index .jsp pName computer_level1_article TheCat 1005 path computer /homepage /0706 cover2 .xml xsl article .xsl The article discusses changes , challenges and constraints of Indian architectural practices in terms of world globalization

McNeill , Donald (2006 , April . Globalization and the Ethics of Architectural Design . HYPERLINK “http /www .ingentaconnect .com /content /routledg /ccit jsessionid iv4nssv9 qgkq .victoria ” \o “City : analysis of urban trends , culture , theory policy , action ” City : Analysis of Urban trends , Culture , Theory Policy , Action , 10 , 1 , 45-58 . The article is devoted to revealing true facts about globalization and its impact on architectural design

Thurow , Lester (2003 , November 9 . Globalization and the Tower of Babel . Retrieved December 11 , 2006 , from HYPERLINK “http /www .theglobalist .com ” http /www .theglobalist .com The article discusses and evaluates the process of globalization on modern rebuilding

Veregge , Nina . American Designs on the Pacific Rim : International Architectural Practice and Globalizing Cities . Retrieved December 11 , 2006 , from HYPERLINK “http /www .geog .ubc .ca /iiccg /s /Veregge_N .html http /www .geog .ubc .ca /iiccg /s /Veregge_N .html The article discusses the impact and challenges of globalization on such large cities as Hong Kong , Manila and Jakarta

Wade , Robert (2003 , March 13 . The Invisible Hand of the American Empire . Open Democracy , 7 , 6 , 34-37 . The article discusses the United States as an imperial power , but there is another face to empire which is the framework of international economic rules and rule-making organisations

Wisdom , Brooke (2005 , February . Architectural Woodwork Institute ‘s Theme Targets Education . Retrieved December 11 , 2006 , from HYPERLINK “http /www .modernwoodworking .com ” http /www .modernwoodworking .com The mission of the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI ) is to be the authoritative resource for excellence in architectural woodwork

Xuefei , Ren (2005 , October . World Cities and Global Architectural Firms : a Network Approach . USA : University of Chicago . The dissertation discusses global practices of leading architectural firms and their impact on urban rebuilt environment… [banner_entry_footer]


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