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find, analyze, and document an example of bad design in your everyday life

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The Microwave Oven

Most of the American Kitchens do not have much space to keep the oven to bake the dishes occasionally as well as having a separate microwave oven to heat edibles more quickly and easily . Most of the time people prefer having a single Microwave oven to avoid accommodation problem . Microwave is essential electronic device today . Its use and sometimes overuse is common almost everywhere in the world . Microwave oven provides dielectric heating system using electromagnetic waves to do heating process more rapid . Besides , convention microwave oven , other type of [banner_entry_middle]

br microwave oven is called `convection microwave oven ‘ which is actually a combination of microwave and convection oven

1 . The Problem

There are two problems that I have faced while using microwaves

1 . Every microwave has a Control (circuit ) panel to adjust amount of heat , duration of heating and several other options depending to its brand . However , almost all the microwave ovens that are available today have modified buttons . These buttons are flat and are covered with the sticker sort of thin plastic sheet

After some time of the use , these buttons start doing malfunctioning like hardening on press , dislocate and even very common problem that I found on a very small verbal interview with people . It is found in almost 70 of cases , according to my own research

Obviously it is never recommended to repair an oven yourself (Consumer Product safety alert . This means you need fuel for the car , time and effort and money for repairing these buttons every time you face problem with . So , incase if the problem keep arriving there will be a time when you will start looking for an alternative solution

2 . Other problem with these buttons is that it seems these are corrosive and destroy the look of microwave on frequent use . So after three months microwave looks like as if it is a year old

2 . Design Principles

According to the problem which is stated above , there are at least two `good design principals ‘ violated which are discussed under sub headings 2 .1 and 2 .2

2 .1 A Good Conceptual Model

According Norman , A designer should provide the precise and explanatory conceptual model for the user , so that a user may detect consistency in the presentation of operations and results . It is utmost responsibility of the designer to give a logical and consistent image of the system (Norman , 1998 ,

.53 . However , in this case , when you are particular about your chicken to be medium brown and suddenly `Stop button ‘ stops working , the plug is high enough and you can reach it without a chair meanwhile the chicken is overdone , then it is definitely not a problem of `Intelligent design

2 .2 Visibility

By just looking at the buttons , even if they are corrosive , it can not be predicted that weather it will be working the next moment or not . It is just like trial method , a user will keep trying till finally it fails . Since , problem cannot be determined… [banner_entry_footer]


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