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Proper investment into a retirement plan can lead to a very secure financial future . In to best invest and prepare for the future there are a number of investment options that should be considered carefully and evaluated for importance

Your home

A home is always a good investment , and can be very useful for retirement . At present , the housing market is said to be at a ceiling However , as trends have shown , when the market goes down , it always comes back up . The best part about home ownership is that , once paid [banner_entry_middle]

br off , the house payment goes away . Having a home paid off by retirement can substantially reduce the amount of expenses experienced at retirement . Or , if going into a retirement home is necessary , selling a home that is paid off can have large returns

Gold coins /jewelry

The return value of tangible items gold coins and jewelry will not be effectively used for retirement . Instead , they can be heirlooms for future generations to enjoy and treasure

Land (not your home

Land will not necessarily serve as a feasible investment for retirement More and more , people are moving towards urban areas , where land can be expensive and is often purchased for corporate and housing development However , it is possible to follow trends in migration in the United States and identify areas in the country where it is predicted that purchasing land will have a high re-sell value . Additionally , many individuals are beginning to purchase land at low cost in other countries , such as Mexico , and are experiencing high sell rates over a period of time

Taxable investments such as stocks , bonds and mutual funds

Taxable investments , such as stocks , bonds and mutual funds will be important for retirement savings . Following the stock market and selecting to invest in a balance of high risk versus low risk stocks can result in very high returns . Because the investments are taxable however , it may be better to invest in longer range plans , as the investments are taxed as second incomes

Untaxed investments , such as IRA and 401 (k

IRA ‘s in 401 (k ) plans and IRA ‘s will serve as the most important investment source for retirement . They are favorable because they are un-taxable and , over time , can offer a nice return for the investment Additionally , if employers are moved , it is possible to transfer monies from company pension plans into IRA ‘s and 401 (k ) using rollovers , so that penalties associated with early withdrawal can be avoided (Fidelity , 2006

Company pension

Company pension plans can serve as a very important source of income for retirement . The U .S . Government has begun to get involved in promoting employers and citizens to seek out personal retirement plans . In 2006 the Pension Protection Plan was passed , directing the Department of Labor to provide plan participants and beneficiaries with alternative sources of information on investing and diversification (US Department of Labor , 2006

Company pension plans enable employees to have the ability to choose or direct… [banner_entry_footer]


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