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What Makes Edgar Allan Poe a Great Author


This seeks to discuss the Mind and the Works of Edgar Allan Poe in relation to some pieces of literature or secondary source of information by asserting the simple thesis that the greatness of a writer is found how said portrays human nature . The other piece of Literature that we are going to use . The Works of Edgar Allan Poe , Vol 1 , An Appreciation , by the World Wide School . The [banner_entry_middle]

second piece or article is related to the since it contains materials that confirms or supports the first . The Mind and Works of Edgar Allan Poe may have summarized many of Edgar Allan Poe ‘s greatest writing but such or summary could not be complete without an inevitable mention how human emotions that characterized human nature in the contents of an author ‘s writing , but the plausibility of any claim could be more convincing if confirmed and validated by other writings

Edgar Allan Poe ‘s greatness as a short story writer and a poet is greatly influenced by his personal experiences which are littered with human emotions since he was young . Poe ‘s influence is alive and he lives in the masterpieces of great authors that many people come to know and revere . It is believed that the success of his works is not found in their difficulty and wit , as it is believed for there are far more authors and more difficult and far cleverer authors than him . It is rather argued that the power of his work is rooted in his ability to fluently explore the deepest nature of men so his work strikes the universal psyche of the human condition such that most of his works revolve around the essence of birth , fame , and death

This should not be hard to appreciate since humans could only relate with emotions with fellow humans . It is in the emotions that an art is appreciated . As to how great a short story a poem it a function of how it will affect the reader who would also see things in his or her own experience and try to find meaning with the works of other people

Emotions have more meaning if they have applicability to almost everybody where people can relate meaning in the works of art . There is thus basis to agree Poe seeing the integral aspects of human nature is filled with rawness and intensity that every man can relate to and thus his writings have inherently sought to evoke these emotions and thoughts , which remind us of our humanness and frailty . It is interesting to note Poe ‘s ability to put into his prose and poetry the basic emotions associated with birth , death and fame may have stemmed from his own life experiences . World Wide School confirmed this when it said that he was born in poverty at Boston , January 19 1809 , dying under painful… [banner_entry_footer]


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