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Final Checkpoint Preparation-religion

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What religion would you like to consider for your final project Describe the place of worship

you will visit

I am considering ISLAM for my final project . This is a religion which has always intrigued me . I will be visiting a mosque , which is their place of worship and is usually a structure of Islamic architecture with a dome and a prayer hall What do you already know about

this ? I am aware that there are many Islam countries in the Middle East and Asia . I was also told that Muslim [banner_entry_middle]

men can have as many as four wives without getting any divorce What resource will you use to

find a place of worship for this


The internet has many sites where pictures of mosques can be found complete with detailed physical s What are some sources you could use to gain more knowledge

about this religion ? Again , the internet will be an invaluable well of credible sources because Islamic organizations as well as governments of Islamic countries are maintaining their own sites What type of materials do you

expect to review for this project ? There are many scholarly articles published in the internet . Also available on the net are official pronouncements and media releases coming out of Islamic countries How will you again access to the

materials you need ? By surfing the internet , specifically the official websites of Islamic countries . Online libraries like ours are also possible sources What difficulties do you anticipate in conducting an

interview with someone of this faith

Finding that someone is the most difficult part but I will try my utmost to locate someone . A last resort would be to look for a site which has a listed contact person Create a list of 10 questions you

would like to ask during the

interview . How is Islam related to Christianity and Judaism

Is the Quran the only sacred text of Islam

How can you compare the Prophet Muhammad with Jesus Christ

What is a caliph

What are the central teachings of Islam

How does one become converted to Islam

What is the status of women in Islam

Is it true that Islam allows men to marry as much as four times without the benefit of divorce

As a Muslim , how are you affected by the U .S . led war on terrorism which targets Muslims like yourself

What is the hajj and how important is it to Islam ?Final Checkpoint Preparation – religion Page PAGE 1… [banner_entry_footer]


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