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I . Define the following terms or concepts . Where applicable in your response include why it is a key concept in social welfare history

Institutional Social Welfare

The institutional concept of welfare gives emphasis on what is needed rather than determining the cause of the need . This concept influenced the Elizabethan Poor Law of 1601 wherein the poor were given relief either in the form of outdoor or indoor , according to what is deem necessary to them without emphasis on the cause why it is needed

Residual Social Welfare p [banner_entry_middle]

The residual concept of social welfare , services of the state serves as a temporary relief requiring the evidence of need to be able to be given such . The cause of need is being considered and state assistance proves to be very vital in poverty alleviation . Residual social welfare played a key role in social welfare history wherein in this concept the charity organization societies emerges and began helping the poor such as The Charity Organization Society friendly visitors ‘ in the late 1800 ‘s

The Principal of Less Eligibility

The Principal of Less Eligibility is one of the principles introduced by the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834 . Less eligibility pertains to the fact that there should be a certain level of difference between a lower class level worker and an able-bodied recipient of relief so that there will be a distinction as to who is poor or not therefore preventing people from relying mostly on relief . It played a key role in social welfare history due to the fact that it influenced the Victorian social policy self-help and independence were valued as virtues

The Speenhamland System

The Speenhamland System was a method of giving relief to the poor on the basis of the price of bread and the number of children a man had Instead of fixing minimum wages for poor laborers , the practice was to raise workingmen ‘s income to an agreed level , the money to come out of the parish rates . This system has a drawback in the sense that those who were able-bodied will tend to rely on poor rates thus decreasing their productivity . According to Thomas Malthus (2004 ) the system tended to HYPERLINK ” increase the population because it encouraged laborers to marry earlier than they might have done it was also believed that it encouraged couples to have more children so the family could claim on the poor rates

Indoor Relief

One form of relief under the Elizabethan Poor Law of 1601 and it constitutes an institutional form of welfare wherein person in need will be taken to institutions such as orphanage for the orphans , hospital for the ill , local almshouse for the settled poor , and workhouse for the idle poor . This provided a permanent settlement for the so-called settled poor and contributed to lower poverty rate at that time

Outdoor Relief

Outdoor relief pertains to the fact that the recipient will not be administered in an institution and will only be given relief base on… [banner_entry_footer]


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