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National Identity in Film

The Piano , by Campion , and Truman Show , by Weir both interact with concepts of national identity in separate ways . Both of these films are products of New Zealand culture , either through production or in cultural discourse . Both films have also been well received and heavily awarded

The Piano tells the story of Ada McGrath . She is a Scotswoman from New Zealand who is sold into marriage . The film is staged in 1851 . She doesn ‘t speak throughout the majority of the film , but expresses herself through her [banner_entry_middle]

piano playing this is until her husband leaves her piano on a beach . This is symbolic of his lack of love for her and an example of the emptiness in Ada ‘s life . The piano is then sold to their neighbor George Baines who convinces Ada to give him piano lessons and eventually sexual favors . As Ada gradually falls in love with Baines through their connection of the piano , she finds meaning for her life

The Truman Show is directed by Australian Peter Weir and written by New Zealander Andrew Niccol . The story follows Truman Burbank who is unaware that his entire life , since birth , has been an organized farce for a television series /project . He is luckily chosen , out of a group of five baby orphans , to be the star of the show . The Truman Show represents Truman ‘s life . Viewers are told that Truman ‘s birth was broadcast live on television , but his child rearing is not presented in the film

The idea behind national identity is that one defines their self through the identity of their nation . In their article , National Identity and Self-Esteem , Jeff Spinner-Halev and Elizabeth Theiss-Morse analyze the nature of national identity . They adopt the theory that if the self-esteem of an individual is tied to their nation than it ‘s the perfect proponent to maintain safe and secure nations . They feel that there is an immediate connection between self respect and group identity so much so , it could lead to one sacrificing their own personal needs for the good of the group . They also acknowledge that there is a competitive nature within group self esteem this meaning that most groups want their group to do better than others . This is often seen in the patriotic nature of political propaganda , carried out by many countries to convince soldiers to go to war . This system of control is one known for cajoling groups to fallow a certain program or way of thinking by catering to individuals ‘ wants , needs , or taking advantage of their fears . This complex of national identity is a major aspect of a government ‘s societal control , as well as a significant ideal satirized in The Truman Show . It is most visibly personified in the character of the show ‘s producer Christof . He argues that human beings accept the world in which they are presented , and uses this to justify why Truman hasn ‘t figured out his predicament up to this point… [banner_entry_footer]


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