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S .W .A .T

In the 70 ‘s era there was a action-thriller show which was never considered to be one of the best police shows but was pretty entertaining . The whole show was neatly made and ended in 60 minutes with the bad guys getting what they deserved . The best thing about the movie was one doesn ‘t need to be a brain surgeon to follow the series 30 years on , fast forward that show and S .W .A .T ‘s monotonous energy is brought to the big screen . A perfect summer [banner_entry_middle]

release S .W .A .T has an easy plot to follow , a whole bunch of action , not much dialogue all populated with some pretty spectacular characters

One cannot ask for a more attractive cast than this bunch of hot and cool characters . There is Hollywood hotshot Colin Farrell as a hotshot cop . The criminal role is played by Olivier Martinez . Flashing his six pack abs , and looking mighty fine is LL Cool J , chewing up the scenery is Mr . Cool that is Samuel L Jackson and with the only female star Michelle Rodriguez who plays her trademark tough girl with the just the correct amount of sex appeal . Passing their movie star looks and one finds an all-together cast who has really come up in forming a convincing onscreen team . The chemistry between the cast works fine and one is left with a feeling that these actors hung out together after the director yelled , Cut

The story is about a Swat team captain Dan Hondo Harrelson played by Jackson as he puts together a Swat team consisting of five members . The selections of the few members ‘ sure angers his arch nemesis Captain Fuller played by Larry Poindexter , a man whom Harrelson loves to irritate . Both men have history , which is never really fleshed out . To help correct the bad reputation about LAPD , Harrelson is brought under Fuller by which neither men are happy about . Deke Kaye ‘s Played by LL cool J is selected for having an impressive record , Michael Boxer (Brian Van Holt ) and TJ McCabe (Josh Charles ) because they have previously worked with Harrelson , Jim Street (Farrell ) because of his magnificent sharp shooting abilities and the fact he is on the outs with captain fuller and last but not the least Chris Sanchez (Rodriguez ) of been given the golden opportunity to be the first women on the Los Angeles Police Department Swat team

Harrelson ‘s team is brought into the frame when a drug kingpin Alex Montel (Martinez ) is to be delivered to the Feds from Police Custody Montel announces a 100 million reward to the person who breaks him out making life difficult for the officers in charged of taking him across Los Angeles . Here is the best action sequence of the film when thugs come out of nowhere to try and collect the reward

There were a few scenes which were not really needed in the movie and could have easily been edited… [banner_entry_footer]


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