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Film director Richard Linklater`s use of idleness

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Film director Richard Linklater`s use of idleness


Richard Linklater plays a pivotal role in the increasing growth of fantasy low-budget , narrative filmmaking . What is most fascinating about Linklater is how diligently he has shunned away from the snare of his own success by continuously creating intelligent , formally innovative films with relatively modest budgets

People may find Linklater ‘s method interesting with most of his films taking place in one day , a method which has gained popularity . Among his most popular films include Slacker (1991 , Dazed and Confused (1993 Before [banner_entry_middle]

Sunrise (1995 ) and Before Sunset (2004 ) which carry the said method

This research shall look into some of Linklater ‘s films and his use of idleness in his films and how he favors character over plot-driven narratives

Richard Linklater Films and Idleness

Linklater ‘s concern with idleness is the degree to which he is also incredulous about its limitations . His films are not purely easy and democratic celebration of The Idea . The dividing line between idleness and laziness is often unclear

Corrigan (2005 ) noted that Linklater ‘s films are conspicuously marked by brilliant literary and philosophical sensibilities . Moreover , it is this studiousness that provides his films their formal interest and lets him to move away from simply replicating the styles and codes of Hollywood filmmaking

In terms of form and style , according to Levy (1999 ,

. 213 , Linklater is both the most subtle and radical of his generation . His generation of filmmakers may be described as the generation which showed a high degree of cinephilia . His is the generation who stopped imitating , or merely name-dropping , their beloved directors and to started to integrate that knowledge of film history into a genuinely new style

Linklater ‘s film Slacker (1991 ) not only demonstrated a sensibility shaped by an immersion in film history but a filmmaker who was already doing more than imitating his beloved predecessors . Slacker (1991 ) is a powerful independent film which was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize – Dramatic at the Sundance Film Festival the same year it was shown in movie houses

Slacker is an exceptional film without plot , following a day in the life of an ensemble of mostly twenty-something bohemians and misfits in Austin over the course of a single day and night . The film chases various characters and scenes , never focusing with one character or conversation for more than a few minutes before picking up someone else in the scene and following them

The characters include Linklater as a miscreant who just steps off a bus , a UFO buff who insists the U .S . has been on the moon since the 1950s , a JFK conspiracy theorist , an elderly anarchist who befriends a man trying to rob his house , a serial television set collector and a woman trying to sell a Madonna pap smear

Slacker , according to Radman (2000 ,

. 156 , introduced the very idea of idleness that runs throughout all of Linklater ‘s work . But at the same time , it is informed by Linklater ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]


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