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Film Analysis

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Film Analysis Film Analysis

Film Analysis A movie is a medium that is composed of visual , aural , and linguistic components . These components are maneuvered in a variety of ways to give a unifocal effect . So to interpret a film requires a multi-focused approach . This approach further amalgamates an acute observation acquired knowledge and critical thinking . To interpret the meaning of any particular film or sequence of film , we need to consider not simply “what happens ” in the film (e .g . narrative , action , plot , but how it is filmically constructed [banner_entry_middle]

. In to locate the meaning of the movie following constituents must be taken into consideration Themes /tropes are the most significant parts of a movie . This means the basic themes and thematic expressions that are established in the mind of the viewer recurrence of technical and linguistic means throughout the film . These means are denoted as tropes . Another component that established the meaning of the movie is the Intent . Sometimes the theme of the movie is apparent but this does not manifest that the message of the moviemaker is clear . Most of the time , this intended message become misted up due to various other factors . Another potential dilemma with the message is that moviemaker intends one message while audience interprets it the other way . Additionally , a movie critic must take account of metaphors and other symbolisms . This figurative techniques capacitates the critic to understand the subtexts i .e ironies , contradictions , interesting juxtapositions Some other basic elements of the movie i .e . title , story , plot narration , characterization , dialogue , motifs etc . are also supportive in analyzing the movie Titles characterize a basic theme and message of a movie . So a critic must consider alternative titles and compare it with the original title He must further ponder over the relevance of that title to the movie Opening credits is another element that helps the critic to check the initial tome of the movie Narrative structure of a movie is the most obvious and easily comprehensible element of the movie . Traditionally , story or plot is considered the fundamental structure of a movie . This contains all the required information about the story . The world represented in a movie is known as diegesis . Mostly these diegesis are based of fictitious elements that captivate the viewers . Plot is a regular sequence of incidents that provides the cause and effect relations to the whole story . It is further comprised of suspense , surprise , and fulfill expectations ‘ Dialogues not only move the plot but also illustrate important information about the characters . So a critic must be aware of audio-visual clues about the characters . How their movements , tone of their voice show their psychological motives and intricacies Chronological narrative is considered standard . So a critic must locate that whether movie has followed a chronological or not ? How time is utilized as an important factor . He must further recognize the elements that push the story forward . Tempo of the narrative is also important aspect that enthralls the viewers . Consistency… [banner_entry_footer]


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