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Fighting the Good Fight

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Houston Bryan Roberson ‘ Fighting the Good Fight` is a rather interesting and original depiction of one of the best known churches in America , the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist church . At a first glance , it may seem that the writing is a mere historical depiction of an important sight however , due to his original perspective and his technique , the author managed to use the history of the church both as a background and as a pretext for presenting the phenomenon that was the Civil Rights Movement

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heart of the monographic work is not so much the practical history of the church , which is indeed an emblematic site for Montgomery , but rather the role it played in the economics of one of the most important events in the struggle for civil right in 1950 ‘s America . In fact , as the author himself points out , the role of the book is to underline the ways in which institutional religion provided both moral training and service to the community in a local setting over time (Roberson xvi . Moreover , because of the essential part played by the church in advocating , promoting and supporting the emancipation of the black community , its presentation was also used to express the ultimate goal of the Civil Rights Movement , which is indirectly stated even from the beginning of the book , So then .we are not children of the bondwoman , but of the free . Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free , and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage (Roberson 1

Although the subject revolves around the historical presentation of the church , the author does so by relying on the background that shaped its evolution and therefore gave its important role in history . Thus Roberson follows the small details of the establishment of the church in the late 1870 ‘s up until a century later still , the attitude he portrays throughout the text suffers some changes . Thus , in the beginning , the tone expressed a sense of the optimism that characterized the early days after the end of the Civil War , and the new perspectives given by the Emancipation Act . This was especially present in the depiction of the scene with the old black woman who is moved from her seat in the seats formally reserved for the enslaved people , ‘she was politely told that the church had prepares another place for her to sit . She would celebrate this new day in an old place : a familiar place : the gallery formerly designed for enslaved and free African Americans (Roberson 1-2 ) Moreover , the real situation in the US is shown , as at the close of the Civil War , most white churches in Alabama , as in other parts of the South , expected business as usual despite the confederacy ‘s defeat and the abolition of slavery (Roberson 3 ) Therefore , even through these opening lines , the author makes his intentions known , those of combining the particular and personal elements of the… [banner_entry_footer]


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