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Fesival Management

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Running Head : Festival Management

Festival Management

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In the common course of life , people generally seem to derive great pleasure from special events and festivals of their areas . Theses festivals are of many kind : They are religious , traditional , and modern In all types of such events , certain groups of people have certain norms of celebrating or observing these festivals and behind such festivities certain beliefs and tenets , serve as the basis of such activities

This presents an in depth analysis of the link [banner_entry_middle]

between societies communities , or groups and some special events to which that particular groups of people sought great pleasure and pride . The hence explores the history of the world reaching as far back as the Ancient worlds of Homer and Aristotle and strides up to the present time

The also analyses the link that some particular events , of festivals hold to a specific set of people when it comes to religion faith , and ancient tradition

The presents and develops the argument basing its evidence from live examples taken from the festivals and special events that are being observed today . The link of these festivals with the same people living in the past is also addressed . At the end of the , in my conclusion , I would outline the findings of my analysis and would also suggest some of the ways in which the presently-observed festivities can be promoted to get better results in some of the very important issues that life , in twenty-first century , faces on the whole


Exploring the history of festivals and special events in the world , we find four very prominent regions that have fast-embedded roots to their ancient worlds . These three regions of the world namely are China African (the different tribes , and at presently recognised countries Greece , and India . All these four regions have a very rich history when it comes to observing their culture and the related norms of celebrating and observing festivals and special events

A festival is commonly defined as a periodically recurrent social occasion or event with a series of co-ordinated activities in which all members of a particular folk group participate directly or indirectly and the basis of such activities are

Both the social function and symbolic meaning of the festival are related to a series of values which the folk group recognizes as essential to its culture , social identity , ideology , worldview , beliefs historical continuity and its physical survival . Ultimately , these are what festivals celebrate (ucs .mun .ca

As such , commonly , a festival is the practice by certain set of people to slogan their adherence to their old values and traditions whether they are customary or religious , social or cultural , and so on . The main purpose of such activities is to recognize oneself with their past and ancestors . It is then the game of keeping identity . It is also , then , a practice to hold the identity with pride and which certainly makes a group of people… [banner_entry_footer]


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