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Feminism : All battles won ! Dr . Ket Dutt

This question is a million dollar one . Really , have all the targets put forward been achieved already ? If so , then why the questions of women ‘s liberation in all senses of the term , i .e , economic emancipation , intellectual liberty , domestic freedom , equality of status —pop up even to this day ? So it is a natural and clear pointer to the fact that many more goals are to be reached

It was a time in the initial years of the birth of Modernism that Virginia Woolf [banner_entry_middle]

in her Room of One ‘s Own wrote that `A woman needs enough money and a room of hr own to call herself independent ‘ Much later Gayatri Chakraborty Spivak in her Towards a Postcolonial Reason : A theory of the Vanishing Present ‘ says that a widow in the early nineteenth-century Bengal had committed suicide in to ward off a false slur heaped on her . As she died and signs of her menstrual blood was seen on her , the scandalmongers beat a retreat . Again , in Europe the protest for women ‘s suffrage was another milestone for proving he battle of Feminism was there and still is on . If that be not the case why Mary Wollstonecraft and Anna Laetitia Barbauld or Emily Dickinson should cry themselves hoarse against the discrimination , women often fall prey to

Initially , the feminists protested against the rights of women being denied . Simone de Beauvoir in her The Second Sex too raises the issue of the rights of woman , who is generally looked down upon as a creature inferior than man , born to dance to his tune , play a second fiddle to him . Later on , the fundamental rights got ramified into so many other offshoots that the women felt proud of standing tall among throngs of men ! As Virginia Woolf preached through Lily Briscoe , the independent painter in To The Lighthouse ,that , earnings of one ‘s own identified him as a capable individual especially if she is a woman [men are always deemed capable] .In Room of One ‘s Own , Mrs . Woolf tells the story of Apra Behn who was a middle class woman with limited sense of humor vitality and courage . But , after her husband ‘s demise she took to writing and in her acclaimed works like A thousand martyrs I have made , or Love in fantastic triumph sat ‘ she gave rein to the freedom of her mind and made hr own living with it . Says Woolf , For now that Apra Behn had done it , girls could go to their parents and say , you need not give me an allowance I can make money by my pen However they had to tolerate innuendoes like `Yes , by living the life of Apra Behn ! Death would be better ‘ Self-respect of women simply went unacknowledged . Again , writing by women was looked down upon as inferior than that by man at some point of time in England ! Hundreds of Apra Behn were taking birth in later age and… [banner_entry_footer]


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