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Feed America then Feed the World

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Feed America the Feed the World

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Feed America then Feed the World


It is quite difficult to comprehend that a country purported to be the most powerful and one of the wealthiest could harbor the problem of hunger . The United States leads among donor countries in providing aid for countries in need yet it is apparent that the burgeoning need for food security for American less fortunate people is equally alarming as those of the [banner_entry_middle]

people in the direst of situations like Ethiopia ‘s . As economic prosperity increases over the years so does the gap between the rich and the poor . It is a more appropriate response for the United States government to focus its attention on domestic food security issues before extending aid to other foreign nations . Charity begins at home ‘ as the saying goes . Fixing the problem of food security on the home front is imperative if the United States government would seek support for their food aid to other troubled countries . The time has come for the United States to pause and listen to its citizen ‘s call for help . Altruism is a positive trait but it would be irrelevant if the number of Americans that go hungry increases

Why Americans Go Hungry

A US Department of Agriculture (USDA ) report indicated that the incidence of

food insecurity among Americans increased in 2004 . The report used the US Census Bureau data as benchmark . It was reported that 11 .9 percent of all U .S . households were “food insecure ” because of lack of resources Among the 13 .5 million households considered as food insecure , 4 .4 million were classified as severe and according to USDA standards , they are considered hungry (Hunger and Food Insecurity in the United States , 2006 . From an estimated 31 million in 1999 , 33 .6 million in 2001 , the incidence of insecurity has gone up to 38 .2 million in 2004 (Hunger and Food Insecurity in the United States , 2006

Hunger in American context is referred to as the recurrent and involuntary lack of access to sufficient food due to poverty or constrained resources , which can lead to malnutrition over time (Hunger and Food Insecurity in the United States , 2006 . Compared to other countries suffering starvation and food depravation , the situation is not quite as severe in the United States . Nevertheless , the growing number of Americans going hungry in a country believed to be plentiful is disheartening

According to Valentine (2005 , Americans go hungry for various reasons Hunger is mainly attributed to the inability of impoverished Americans gaining access to resources . Food insecurity is also attributed to unexpected events like emergency hospital confinement , loss of job or death in the family . Good , nutritious food is quite inaccessible to minimum wage income earners . In addition , the risk of food insecurity increases with incidence of poverty , low literacy , certain disabilities and poor health (IWG and FSAC , 1999 ,


Addressing the Problem

The United… [banner_entry_footer]


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