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FEDex versus DHL: Smooth Delivery

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Operations Management Comparison : DHL and FedEx ‘Great innovations should not be forced on slender majorities Thomas Jefferson , 1743-1826 ADDIN EN .CITE GeneveiveGeneveiveFamous Quotations2006December 132005http /www .famous-quotations .com /forum /forum_posts .asp ?TID 193 PN 6 (Geneveive , 2005


Business logistics solutions have come a long way since the utilization of the postal system for business purposes during the Industrial Revolution . Its importance in achieving company goals of efficiency and profitability for the current corporate industries as well as several others can be pointed out as an evidence of the evolution of business [banner_entry_middle]

br logistics in the past years

During the peacetime era shortly right after the Second World War marked for the emergence of various forms of businesses and thereby increasing as well the need for faster and efficient logistics solutions that will satisfy the needs of these emerging industries . This signaled the surfacing of companies that specifically provide business logistics solutions with the primary goal of enabling companies meet their respective corporate objectives and thereby creating a particular industry in itself . Through the years , the range of services that these logistics companies offer grew from simple overnight parcel deliveries to sore sophisticated and complex services along with the ever increasing demands of the market which could substantiate the current market situations of our time ADDIN EN .CITE AverbookJason AverbookLinking Performance to Corporate Missions 2006December 132005http /www .wpsmag .com /content /templates /wps_article .asp ?articleid 146 zo neid 19 (Averbook 2005

In this particular service industry , a couple of firms that predominantly provide business logistics solutions to certain businesses came into view as industry leaders . Both of these service providers offer their clients a wide range of services that cater to a specific purpose and need . The evolution that has been evident in the industry can specifically be attributed to these service providers : Federal Express and DHL

Comparison of Company Mission Statements

One specific reason as to how both business logistics solution providers , DHL and FedEx has reached their status as industry leaders among various firms that are also engaged in the same line of business is because of their commitment in proving services that caters specifically to every needs of their clients

For instance , what started out as an undergraduate thesis at Yale University came out to become a company of firsts ‘ this line of business . Federal Express which has changed its name into FedEx that most of us know of today , officially started out operations in 1973 delivering parcels from New York to Florida ADDIN EN .CITE FedEx History2006Decembe r 13 , 2006FedEx Expresshttp /www .fedex .com /us /abou t /today /history ?link 4 “FedEx History , 2006 . FedEx ‘s mission statement states that the company will revolutionize global business practices that will define speed and reliability . Federal Express , through the years , did just that . The company ‘s particular ability to provide high value-added supply chain , as well as effective packages that also covers the transportation while relating information and business itself through specific operating companies . This was coupled with the assurance to… [banner_entry_footer]


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