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They can be too persuasive and too concerned about winning . They are often impatient and critical . They need to be more sensitive to individual feelings . They are often more concerned about what others think . They do not like breaking the rules neither do they enjoy taking risks . They need to try new things and sometimes go against the crowd . They are careful communicators who think things through (Carbonell , M (2005 ) Extreme Personality makeover . Blue Ridge . Uniquely You Resources

To say that things of this nature do not affect people ‘s lifestyle [banner_entry_middle]

would be considered napve . I understand the task before me , and believe that this understanding affects my present behavior I will be essential in equipping me to make the change a lasting one . So , being the cautious , yet inspirational person I am , I will march forward in search of my holy grail with anticipation and exhilaration . I expect to run into some road blocks and barriers , but this is what it takes if I am to change the way my behavioral blend affects me and those around me

One of the disadvantages of I /C blend is I tend to be overly cautious Even in the face of tremendous encouragement from others , I still find myself lagging behind where they think I should be . Given what I know about Christianity , and the potential for change that is a result of studying the lifestyle closely related to Christianity , I am encouraged in my efforts . My experience as a soldier in the military has afforded me the discipline needed to make a change which enables me to find the means whereby this can actually happen . I have noticed how quickly I am to reject something new . This must be due to the way I was raised , yet after experiencing military life… [banner_entry_footer]


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