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F. Scott Fitzgerald`s Winter Dreams

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The short story , Winter Dreams , by F . Scott Fitzgerald holds lasting impact today , mainly for the author ‘s ability to weave drama , love desire , emotion , and the moral fiber of an individual into a story . The underlying theme is centered on the how charisma can drives a person to lose sight of their wisdom , find pleasure in selfish gain and end with an eventual loss . I will develop an analysis of characterization and theme in this famed short story

The story is a narrative account of Dexter Green , a reliable self-assured individual [banner_entry_middle]

who falls for a beautiful woman named Judy Jones . Ms . Jones is also a self-assured individual . She , however bases her confidence on her outer beauty , a beauty that intoxicates men bringing them to her knees . This beauty places her in the same circle as societies ‘ elite

In Dexter ‘s youth , he took a job as a golf caddy . Dexter is the kind of person who goes after his dreams , makes a plan and follows through with it . The characteristics of Dexter ‘s personality are made clear by F . Scott Fitzgerald in quick fashion . Fitzgerald displays him as an astute , intelligent and confident boy

The story unfolds by casting a scene between a nurse and a young girl on the golf course . These women are having a heated conversation Although Dexter is at a distance from the scene , he can clearly witness the incident as troublesome because of their body language . In the end one girl raises a club at the other woman , a nurse . But she doesn ‘t follow through with her threat . Dexter finds humor in this childish fracas between two women , which displays some wisdom . Here ‘s a snippet of this scene , as written by the author : Realizing that the elements of the comedy were implied in the scene , Dexter several times began to laugh , but each time restrained the laugh before it reached audibility

Dexter smart enough to recognize this altercation as a staged situation , which is merely the ego of two people butting heads . What ‘s even more humorous is that Fitzgerald uses two females in this physical altercation on a golf course . Normally , the stereotype would be to place two men arguing while playing a sport . Not only does Fitzgerald squash the stereotyping , but he does so by having one woman threatening to nearly behead another woman with a raised club . It ‘s Fitzgerald ‘s creative knack for bringing humor into a potentially disastrous scene that is so telling . Beyond this , Dexter shows no concern for physical injury to either woman . He realizes their childish threats will go nowhere . This further strengthens his character

Dexter is a young boy who can speak for himself . For instance , he is shown having a conversation with a very established man . Dexter is not the least bit intimidated . Dexter , instead , is perceived by members of the golf course with respect . Dexter is one of the best caddies around .Dexter , then , makes a decision to quit his caddying… [banner_entry_footer]


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