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Exporting to Asia country

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Indonesia Exporting to Asia Country 2

Exporting to Asia Country : Indonesia

As a marketing manager of a firm that desires to export a line of products or materials , it is only a natural way to promote these lines of exportable materials to a foreign country . One of his activities would be searching for local suppliers of the chosen products for export . When a specific supplier is located , the next thing a marketing manager would do is to look for prospective buyers [banner_entry_middle]

of his products or some locally-produced materials for export

Choosing an Export Country

Before getting his feet wet , it is vital that he conducts a background checking of the country he wishes to export the products This is important so as to increase the chance of success in marketing while he gains some invaluable experience in exporting

In our case , the chosen country is Indonesia , the fifth heavily populated nation on earth (245 .5 million according to the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific report . For business customs , visit to this country during the months of July and August must be observed carefully since some national holidays fall on the said months . Some business visitors are very reluctant to conduct meetings some days before and after the Idul Fitri holiday . For a good business climate , it is important that a business representative or Exporting to Asia Country : 3 Indonesia

manager should develop a rapport with the prospective business contact in this country . Patience is the key ‘ advises the U . S . Commercial Service in Indonesia

The most likely winning factor here depends much on personal interaction rather than on the physical sides of the products Additionally , learning some of Indonesia ‘s business customs like considering what gestures are giving offense and what are unethical will surely help much in breeding business success in this part of the world

Some minor factors , which the manager or export representative will learn later by experience , however , should not be taken lightly when doing business in Indonesia . For moving around , taxis are always available but become scarce during the morning and evening rush hours The increasing rates of theft and violent attacks in taxis have led some expatriates to opt for more reliable taxi companies . For business travelers , trains , ferry service , domestic air services are readily available . Be watchful though as theft and assaults may also occur while using such services

Exporting to Asia Country : 4

Business Language

Business people in Indonesia speak their own Bahasa language besides other existing languages and dialects . English is used in shops centers , hotels , and elsewhere , though different shades of English vary in tones and meanings . Credit cards are accepted in

many business establishments . For telecommunication facilities , phone and cellular services are good and readily available though the quality of service varies

Basically , Indonesia is an agricultural country , a major producer of agriculture-based products ranging from palm oil to coffee . In the 1980s , the Indonesian government saw the necessity… [banner_entry_footer]


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