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Explain why was there such a violent path to eventual decolonisation in Algeria

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Running head : Decolonization in Algeria

Analysis of the Violent Events that Led to Decolonization in Algeria



In 1830 , the Napoleonic expansionist designs eventually subjugated another country to French regime . This time it was Algeria . Like many other victorious armies of that time , French soldiers looted , desecrated religious places , raped women , killed indiscriminately , and commenced an arrogant , authoritarian and vicious rule which lasted for over 130 years . The roots of violent struggle for Algerian Independence can be traced back to 1945 , when nearly one hundred Europeans were killed by [banner_entry_middle]

br the rebels in Algeria . French reacted very heavily and common Algerians had to face the reprisals on a savage scale . This event also flashed the start of a bloody struggle for independence . People who supported the freedom struggle were killed at massive scale by French army , and those who did not provide any assistance were executed by rebels . The freedom struggle after having witnessing over one million deaths , eventually resulted into decolonization of Algeria in 1962

Analysis of the Violent Events that Led to Decolonization in Algeria

Post World War II era witnessed a rapid decolonization of British and French colonies around the globe . It marked the end of European rule over the world and gave way for the rise of two other superpowers USA and USSR . Many nations became independent in this era due to an immense struggle of emerging superpowers to create their own allies . An active role played by the newly formed United Nations backed by USA and USSR finally forced the British and French to evacuate from occupied territories . of these transitions were smooth and Algeria was no exception . The French ambition to remain in control of one of her last colonial possessions resulted into a war of terror between the forces struggling to get independence and the French army . The Algerian war of independence officially launched on November 1 , 1954 after passing through an eternal path of dreadfulness , horror , atrocities , and carnage finally resulted into the French eviction in 1962 . Eight years of war literally devastated Algeria . It is estimated that over one million Algerians lost their lives and over two million people were left homeless . This has been designed to analyze the reasons and events which led to the catastrophe on such a large scale while also throwing some light on the Algeria in post independence era

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Algeria officially known as the `People ‘s Democratic Republic of Algeria ‘ got independence from France in 1962 . Algeria is located in Northern Africa with Mediterranean Sea on its north and Tunisia in the northeast , Libya in the east , Niger in the southeast , Mali and Mauritania in the southwest , Morocco and Western Sahara in the west Algeria is the second largest country in Africa and has a population of over 33 million people , with a literacy rate of 70 . Official language of the country is Arabic however French and Berber are also spoken and widely understood . Country ‘s 99 of the people are Muslims… [banner_entry_footer]


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