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Explain the personal challenges (other than financial) you expect to overcome in college.

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I am expectant of the challenges that college life brings especially at this time . Other than the financial aspects of it , I know that there will be opportunities not only for academic training but also for community outreach , which will definitely prove to be interesting . It is in this area where I think I can contribute much for the pursuance of a school ‘s objective . It is indeed a unique possibility for students to be able to immerse themselves in real life problems and challenges during their stay in college [banner_entry_middle]

. It is here where I can probably be active because my strongest attribute is my conviction to follow through with what I believe in . I demonstrate a tremendous amount of proprietorship in the projects to which I am assigned . I also function well in a team and find myself as the facilitator during group functions . College life will provide all these challenges . It will give me opportunities in organizing groups whose efforts are focused on the wholistic development of students . College life will also provide the intellectual and social experiences from which students can develop skills , knowledge , interest and attitudes that characterize people as individuals who shape their abilities to perform adult roles . During college , I will carefully prioritize my work and leverage my time by getting others involved as appropriate . By developing good working relationships with others , I will be able to spend more time identifying and proposing solutions and these will all be possible during my stay in college… [banner_entry_footer]


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